LOF New Release: Dad Addict: Episode 1


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Dad Addict: Episode 1 by Tura Brasi

Dad addiction is a real thing. And 18-year-old Brandy Hannigan is living proof of that. And her father Hoot Hannigan is one lucky dad!

Dad Addict: Episode 1Hoot Hannigan has a problem. His daughter Brandy is addicted to him. And not in a good way. Or maybe in a too good way. Depending on how you look at it. Now, Brandy, apart from being addicted to her father, is also a fragile sort, and so it is very important to make her feel like this is okay. It’s important for everyone to make her feel like this is okay, including all the women in Hoot’s life, that’s Hoot’s wife Helena, Hoot’s other daughter Rhiannon, Hoot’s mom Jill, Hoot’s mom’s mom Annabeth, Hoot’s wife’s mom Carmen, Hoot’s eldest sister Sweet, Hoot’s middle sister Birdy, Hoot’s youngest sister Perfect, Hoot’s wife’s sister Gabrielle, Hoot’s wife’s other sister Corsica, and Hoot’s nieces Sarah, Sidney, Melinda, Penelope, and Winter. That’s a lot of women, and a lot of women to carry on this rather challenging charade, the normalizing of a dad addict.

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