Tura Brasi

Molly Wants Every Shot: Episode 1 (Shot 1-18)

Tura Brasi

Tura Brasi is a kinder gentler erotica writer, keeping erotica free of taboo since 2018. Here are some Tura Brasi titles: The Jimmy Jolts Series, Molly Wants Every Shot.

The Jimmy Jolts SeriesThe Jimmy Jolts Series

The Jimmy Jolts Series is an amazing adventure that centers around Henry Richards, a 27 year-old, out of work, college graduate, as he begins his career at Jimmy Ray Bob’s Rejuvenation Systems, where he will work as a seller and distributor of Jimmy Jolts, either through the direct conduit service or indirectly through the client’s chosen replacement conduit.

Jimmy Ray Bob’s Rejuvenation Systems is a secret organization based out of the Ozark Mountains and has been providing absolutely amazing, uplifting, enlightening, sexual enhancement all over the world and with undeniable results for over a 100 years. How do they do it? Why, through the use of JRBRS’s most successful product to date, Jimmy Jolts, that’s how!

If you feel like your sex-life hasn’t been cutting the mustard, and you think you could use a powerful, all-natural boost and you would like to try Jimmy Jolts, either through our conduit service or indirectly through your own chosen replacement conduit, all you have to do is say so. Jimmy Ray Bob’s Rejuvenation Systems is always listening. As always, JRBRS operates with the utmost respect to your privacy. We will never tell a soul!

Molly Wants Every Shot: Episode 1 (Shot 1-18)Molly Wants Every Shot

I don’t exactly remember what happened, or how I agreed to it, but, at the time, it didn’t seem all that unreasonable, and Molly didn’t seem all that unreasonable, or selfish. In fact, at the time, I was happy to do it, very happy. Especially considering everything Molly did for us, over all these years, giving so much of herself, so much of her time, in a lot of ways helping our dad raise us, and, rather sadly, leaving very little time for her to have her own family.

Molly was a true family friend. Essential, really. So, why shouldn’t I promise her every shot? After all, she meant the world to me. And I truly felt I owed her. If you ask me, I’m getting off easy. Giving her every shot is a small price to pay, in my opinion. For all her love and devotion. And all her commitment. Of course, it doesn’t hurt Molly is an extraordinary cocksucker.


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