The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn Episode 1

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn

Tall Thin Peter Flynn, who was quite popular among his family members, first for being the only boy in the rather large family, and second for possessing, ever since a child, an abnormally long and skinny cock, has finally, to everyone’s sheer delight, turned 18! And right there to celebrate the occasion are his mean and controlling mother and his wild and wide-eyed sisters. In most families, this would be a joyous, yet harmless affair. For the Flynns, well, this was going to be anything but harmless. This was going to be downright hardcore. WARNING: THIS EBOOK CONTAINS INCEST! LOT’S OF MOTHER-FUCKING INCEST! LITERALLY!

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The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Super Jack Pack 1 (Episode 1-6)
Episode 1 (featuring Peter’s mother: Dorothy Flynn)
Episode 2 (featuring Peter’s aunt: Rose Singer)
Episode 3 (featuring Peter’s sister: Fiona Flynn)
Episode 4 (featuring Peter’s girlfriend: Elena Costa)
Episode 5 (featuring Peter’s sister: Lilly Champlain)
Episode 6 (featuring Peter’s mother’s friends: Carol Weller & Zola Ertz)

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Super Jack Pack 2 (Episode 7-12)Super Jack Pack 2 (Episodes 7 to 12) *Get 25% off coupon code*

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Super Jack Pack 2 (Episode 7-12)
Episode 7 (featuring Peter’s sister: Simone Flynn)
Episode 8 (featuring Peter’s grandmother: Arielle Flynn)
Episode 9 (featuring Peter’s sister: Margot Flynn)
Episode 10 (featuring Peter’s girlfriend’s cousin: Sierra Flores)
Episode 11 (featuring Peter’s aunt: Carol Weller)
Episode 12 (featuring Peter’s neighbor: Lindsay O’Leary)

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn Episode 1Episode 1 (featuring Peter’s mother: Dorothy Flynn)


Peter Flynn was in the midst of a lovely and wonderful dream. He was in a video game tournament. A major event. He was playing Super Jack. And he was nearing the world record. Then he suddenly awoke.

Peter opened his eyes and there she was, his mean ole mother, with her big soft lips bobbing up and down on his tall thin, 11-inch cock.

“Mother?” Peter exclaimed, embarrassed.

Dorothy Flynn, a sultry 48 year old woman with dark features and large breasts, dressed in only a bra and panties, quickly pulled Peter’s long cock out of her mouth and said, “Happy birthday, my tall thin Peter!” Then she quickly recommenced her son’s birthday blowjob.

It was the morning of Peter’s 18th birthday.

Peter was a tall, thin boy, about 6’3″, with a very low tolerance against adverse weather and germs and thus sickness. Given his frail way, Peter didn’t lead a very usual life for a 18 year old boy. He didn’t take part in outdoor activity, as far sports and whatnot. He preferred the indoors. And things that occurred indoors like watching movies, playing video games, and role-playing games. Most of these things he did with his best friend, Jerry Tyner, who lived further down their country road.

Unfortunately, Peter’s mother, who was quite cruel and quite over-protective, didn’t allow much time for Peter to do these things. She kept him busy with his home-schooling lessons, his abundant household chores or whatever else she wanted him to do in and around the house.

As Peter lied there, his Mom still bobbing on his cock, Peter rolled his eyes, trying not to dwell on how good his mother’s plump wet lips felt on his cock. Instead, he preferred to think about going to the Shazam Arcade in town and playing Super Jack and what it would be like to get the world record.

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Then, to Peter’s considerable dismay, his wild and wide-eyed sisters suddenly spilled into his room with various salutations and birthday sentiments. Or at least half of his sisters.

In total, Peter had 10 sisters. Rebecca 32, Lilly 30, Margot 29, Beatrice 27, Missy 26, Fiona 25, Daphne and Dylan 23, Chartreuse 21, and Simone 19.

In the room was Rebecca, Beatrice, Missy, and the twins Daphne and Dylan.

Peter’s mother unmouthed his cock and sat up, laughing with some of his sisters, who were running around and jumping on Peter’s bed. His sisters were dressed in various forms of sleep attire, mostly long shirts and panties or thin lacy nightgowns.

Then, one sister, Beatrice, stepped lightly over to Peter and lifted up her nightgown and slid herself and her juicy pussy down on Peter’s tall thin cock. Beatrice’s eyes widened, as she felt Peter’s long cock rub up against places inside her she never knew existed. Already about to come, Beatrice immediately started riding her baby brother with reckless abandon. Peter’s mother and his other sisters watched intently, laughing at times, seemingly over-excitedly, and seemingly at Peter’s expense.

Peter’s eyes widened.

“He’s coming!” Daphne shouted and pointed, amused.

The other sisters repeated excitedly. Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 2 (Featuring Peter's Aunt Rose Singer)Episode 2 (featuring Peter’s aunt: Rose Singer)


“Hello there!” Aunt Rose said as she closed in on Peter.

“Hi!” Peter said and smiled and stood up.

They embraced.

“You’re getting to be so big!” Aunt Rose said, stepping back to look him over.

Rose Singer was a bit younger than Peter’s mother. About 42. She had big facial features, like eyes, nose, and lips, with medium length curly brown hair. She was short and very skinny, with a pretty nice sized bust and rear. She was wearing a white, loose camisole top and a long, black, flowery skirt, and black grunge-type boots. Stylish attire for the era.

“It’s only been a few months since Christmas and I think you’ve grown at least a couple inches,” Aunt Rose said and smiled in disbelief.

“Maybe,” Peter said, marginally embarrassed.

“I see Dorothy is keeping you as busy as ever,” Aunt Rose said, scanning over the many stacks of folded laundry. “Look at all of this.”

“Yup. All separated by owner.” Peter pointed at the stack of clothes Aunt Rose was thumbing through. “That stack is Missy’s.”

“How do you remember who owns what?”

“I just do. I’ve been doing my family’s laundry my whole life. Sometimes it seems like I know my family’s laundry better than I know my family.”

“Oh, Peter, that sounds terrible.” Aunt Rose shook her head. “We need to get you out of here. And I mean, now! How does the arcade sound?”

“Are you kidding?” Peter’s eyes lit up. “That would be awesome!”

Aunt Rose smiled.

“Wait. Should we ask Mother?”

“Why would we do that? She might say no.”

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Peter smiled. “Just give me a few more minutes. I’ve gotta get this laundry upstairs and put away.”

“Nonsense! Time’s a-wastin’. We got a birthday to celebrate! We’ve got video games to play! We’ve got pizza to eat! Besides, all this laundry will still be here when we get back.”


Peter and Aunt Rose headed to town in Aunt Rose’s silvery, black striped Camaro, with the stereo blasting Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees etc.. Though most of Aunt Rose’s contemporaries were still listening to classic rock or the hair bands from the 80’s, Aunt Rose had a pulse on the present, when Grunge was bursting onto the scene.

They went straight to the mall arcade. As soon as Peter walked into the Shazam Arcade, he was flooded with the relentless sights and sounds of the place. Peter paused, soaking it all in.

Super Jack, his favorite game, was occupied. But Peter loved the game so much he didn’t mind just watching the guy who was playing it. The guy looked about 19, real muscular with a tight t-shirt and sweats, looking as if he just came from the gym, where he was doing his body workout and now he was doing his mind workout.

“You like this game?” the guy asked, glancing at Peter in the corner of his eye.

“Oh yeah, it’s my favorite,” Peter said. “I dreamt about it last night.”

“Damn, you really do like it.” He shook his head.

“Yeah, in my dream I was gonna get the world record.”

“What happened?”

“I woke up because my Mother was giving me a blowjob,” Peter said, deflated.

“In your dream?” the guy asked, looking square at Peter.

“No,” Peter said, shaking his head. “In my dream, I was at a world championship video game tournament in the midwest. Like Indiana or Illonois or somewhere like that.”

“So…” the guys asked, visibly appalled, “Your mom was really giving you a blowjob?”

“Yeah. It’s my birthday,” Peter said, confused why the guy was so confused.

“That’s sick.” The guy completely forgot about his game, letting Super Jack get hit by a coconut and dying.

“You mean sick as in cool?” Peter asked.

“No. I mean sick as in sick.”

Peter nodded, confused.

The guy took off.

Peter stepped up to the game, wondering why the guy would leave with two guys left. Peter thought to let the guy’s two guys die so Peter could start fresh. But he couldn’t do that to Super Jack. So, Peter put his token in the machine, adding a credit, and continuing where the guy left off, trying to ignore the fact that if felt weird to do so. Read More

Episode 3 (featuring Peter's sister: Fiona Flynn)Episode 3 (featuring Peter’s sister: Fiona Flynn)


Peter and Fiona were standing in their mother’s room, which was what anyone did in the Flynn family when they were awaiting punishment.

Dorothy Flynn entered from the master bathroom. She had a long black and red silky see-through robe on and nothing else. She strolled over to her big bed and climbed in. Then she looked up at her two children. “I’m not sure if I understand you kids. You take what should be a joyous occasion and turn it into something bad. An opportunity to behave badly. I just don’t understand.”

“Mother?” Fiona said. “Why are we here? What horrible thing have we done this time?”

“Fiona! Why do you insist on fighting me in almost every situation. All I do is try to give my children a happy and loving environment. Fiona, what have I done to deserve this contempt?” Dorothy asked, nearly in tears, as she spread her legs and fidgeted nervously, or by force of habit, with her glistening pussy lips.

Fiona didn’t say anything.

“You are one of my most talented children. You are a gifted musician and songwriter. I’ve never been either. I’m sure you’re going to go far with your talents. But that’s all in the future. For now, we need you to be the sweet daughter and sister we all love in this family. Not the wisecracker. Those things are hurtful. And spread negativity in our house. We love you being here. Living here. And I’m sure you like living here rent-free. All we ask in return is for you to be the sweet daughter and sister we know you can be.”

“Okay, Mother.”

“So, why don’t you take your top off and those obnoxious jeans off and come up here.”

“Okay,” Fiona said and smiled over at Peter. Fiona pulled her top off and wiggled out of her tight, torn-up jeans, as her large ass slid free. Underneath, she was wearing a blue bra and panties. She climbed onto the bed.

Dorothy opened up her robe and spread her bare legs further apart.

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Fiona didn’t notice at first, but once she did, she knew what she was supposed to do. She crawled over to her mother and lied down with her face between her mother’s legs and gently licked her mother’s hairy pussy lips.

Dorothy closed her eyes and sighed.

Peter felt his cock growing.

“Peter?” Dorothy said.

“Yes, Mother?” Peter said, startled.

“What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry?” Peter said, unsure.

“Is that a question?”

“No. I mean. I’m sorry.”

“That’s better.” Dorothy closed her eyes again. “Peter, you’re a man, now. And given that you are, I’m sure I don’t have to spell it out for you what you did wrong. So, how are you going to make it up to me?”

“I’m gonna do what you tell me to.”

“Good. But are you going to tell me you’re sorry or are you going to show me?”

“Show you.”

“And what are you going to do right after?”

“I’m not sure.”

“What did you forget to do before you went out with Aunt Rose?”

“The laundry. I’m gonna go get the laundry and put it away.”

“Good, Peter. Now, I wanna see you in your boxers. As soon as you are ready, I want you to come up here and help your sister.”

“Okay, Mother.” Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 4

Episode 4 (featuring Peter’s girlfriend: Elena Costa)


Peter was lying there in his sister Simone’s bed, while she slept soundly on top of him. Every so often, amidst her deep sleep, Simone would adjusted her position, grinding her slippery wet pussy against or along Peter’s thoroughly spent cock.

Peter watched her closely, as he held the pink phone receiver in his hand. Then he dialed Elena’s number. After a few rings, there was an answer.

“Hello?” a girl answered.

“Hello,” Peter said lightly.

“Who is this?” the girl said.


“Who are you?” the girl asked, sounding suspicious.

“I’m Peter Flynn,” Peter said.

“Yes. But why are you calling?”

“I’m calling because I would like to talk to Elena.”

“Oh. Elena is in bed. It’s past 10.”


“Would you like to leave a message?” the girl asked.

“Could you tell her tomorrow when she wakes up that Peter Flynn called. It’s my birthday. And for my birthday, my best friend, Jerry, gave me a Little Mary cherry pie and a candle and I made a wish and blew it out. Only, I can’t tell her what I wished for because it might not come true. After I blew out the candle, Jerry told me to flip over the piece of paper and Elena’s name and number were written on the back. Jerry told me to call her. He said whenever I’m not grounded, which is a lot, we can all go on a date, the four of us. Me, Jerry, Elena, and Elena’s cousin. Jerry told me I should call her and get to know her first. And so I did.”

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“Peter?” the girl said quietly.


“Wait here. Elena might be up still.”


Peter waited. While he waited, he ran his fingers through Simone’s hair and gently rubbed her head while she slept. He thought how thankful he was that this was Simone sleeping on top of him instead of Margot or Fiona. Simone was very light. And since she never wore clothes, she was even lighter. In fact, she wasn’t that far off from being a blanket.

“Hello?” a different girl’s voice said.

“Hello,” Peter said.

“This is Elena,” Elena said. “Is this Peter? Peter Flynn?”

“Yes. How’d you know?”

“My sister told me.”

“Oh. That was your sister?”

“Yes. Maria.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“You know Jerry?” Elena asked.

“Yes. He’s my best friend.”

“Yes. And he is dating my cousin, Theresa.”

“Theresa. Okay.”

“What do you look like?” Elena asked.

“I’m tall. Thin. Skinny. I have dark brown hair. And dark eyes. I’m not very muscular. In fact, I’m not sure if I have any muscles.”

Elena laughed.

“What do you look like?” Peter asked.

“I’m short. Thin. Not super thin. And I have long dark hair and dark eyes.”

Simone adjusted her position again, half-asleep, grinding her soft and slippery pussy against Peter’s cock, reaching down to squeeze and jerk him.

“Oh!” Peter said, surprised by the sudden pleasurable feeling. “What do you like to do?”

“I like to read. I like swimming. I love to go to the beach. I’m very good at cooking. And I like to draw. What do you like to do?”

“I like video games. I love going to the arcade. I like pizza. That’s what I did today. Today’s my birthday.”

“Oh, happy birthday,” Elena said.

“Thank you.” Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 5

Episode 5 (featuring Peter’s sister: Lilly Champlain)


Peter stood by while his mother knocked lightly on Lilly’s apartment door. After a couple more knocks, Dorothy pulled her keys out of her pocketbook and quietly and gently inserted the key in the lock and turned the knob. Then she stepped lightly inside and held the door for Peter.

Once inside, Dorothy was peering down at Lilly lying passed out on the living room floor. The TV was on. Popcorn and beer cans were scattered around.

Lilly was lying on her back, wearing only a small jean jacket and white lacy panties. Her long blond hair was spread out underneath her. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly agape. Her arms were spread out and so was her jean jacket as her large breasts and small pink nipples rested on her chest. Her legs were together and turned to the side, as her large ass lay before Dorothy and Peter.

Dorothy looked her over with disgust.

“Is she all right?” Peter asked, concerned.

“Yeah,” Dorothy said. “Just passed out.”

“What should we do?” Peter knelt down, afraid to touch her.

“What did you have in mind?” Dorothy smiled down at him.

“I just wanna help her.”

“She doesn’t need our help.” Dorothy shook her head. “How are you supposed to help someone who refuses to help themselves?”

“Well, maybe we should just go.” Peter said, as he stood up and looked down, with his eyes full of sadness.

“We can go as soon as you go get your birthday present.”

“What? Really?” Peter said incredulously.

“Yes, Peter. That’s why we’re here.”

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Peter was confused.

“Go fuck her. Hurry up. I don’t wanna lose our reservation.”

Peter nodded reluctantly and walked back over to Lilly.

“Hurry up, Peter,” Dorothy whispered angrily.

“Yes, Mother.”

Before Peter could kneel back down, his mother suddenly grabbed his arm.

“I don’t want you to get your nice clothes dirty,” Dorothy said. “Who knows what’s on this floor. Take your shirt and slacks off and give them to me.”

Peter complied.

Dorothy folded them and held them in her arms. Then she crouched down and pulled Peter’s semi-hard cock out of the slit in his boxers and immediately started licking his cockhead and stroking his shaft. Dorothy leaned in and lifted her son’s cock up and licked and sucked on each of his balls, letting them swish around in her mouth. Peter was losing the feeling in his legs as his cock grew fast and long. Dorothy raised her hand to have Peter pull her up. He did so. Then she gestured for Peter to go on. Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 6

Episode 5 (featuring Peter’s sister: Lilly Champlain), Episode 6 (featuring Peter’s mother’s friends: Carol Weller & Zola Ertz)


Peter and Carol gazed into each others eyes, feeling each other’s pulse through their warm, wet, surging sex organs.

Carol Weller was his mom’s best friend since high school. Someone incredibly close to the Flynns, who used to babysit him, who was like a second mother to him.

While they continued to watch each other’s eyes in silence, Carol slid her shirt off, followed by her bra, unfurling her large breasts and pink, rock hard nipples. By far, Carol’s tits were the biggest Peter had ever seen. Just the sight of them was enough to make his cock leak with precum, which dribbled down the length of his cock. Zola watched the drop with hungry eyes, but not wanting to intrude on Peter and Carol’s endearing moment.

“As long as Zola has waited for this, I’ve waited even longer,” Carol said. “I’ve been waiting since you were just a little guy. From way back when I got to change your diaper. Believe you me, Peter, we used to all line up to change your diaper. We all wanted to get a peek at your not so little friend. And as you grew up, we were all filled with wonder about you and what your big beautiful cock was up to. We all wondered how big it was. And wondered what it would be like to fuck you. And now you’re 18. All grown up. A man. And your cock is so beautiful and so big, I can just imagine how wonderful it would feel inside me.”

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Peter was wondering when she was going to do just that. His cock was beaming with anticipation.

“At the same time all these thoughts are running through my head,” Carol said. “I have to remind myself I am a trained therapist. And I’m very good at what I do. I help people who need a little mental help, to get through various hurdles in their life, big or small, so they can live happy and healthy lives. That’s what I do. And as I’m sitting here, my pussy soaking wet, wanting to fuck you so bad, I have to think, what about you. What about Peter? What does Peter want? What is best for Peter?” Carol massaged her big fluffy tits, pausing to give her long nipples a firm pinch and twist.

Peter was mesmerized.

Carol moaned with desire, closing her eyes momentarily, before eying Peter again. “So Peter, what do you want? What would be the best thing for you? What would be the healthy thing?”

“I don’t know?” Peter said.

“That’s what I was afraid of,” Carol said.

“What?” Peter asked, confused.

“Peter, I refuse to be like the other women in your life.”

Peter smirked, looking first at Carol, then Zola, for assistance figuring this out.

“No. I won’t do it,” Carol said. “While you are in limbo, still trying to figure out what you want, or what is best for you, I won’t be like the other women in your life and presume to know what you want, or what is best for you.” Carol shook her head.

Peter felt even more confused, now. He had an urge to cry.

“However, since your mother has put us in this precarious situation, giving you to us with blue balls, we should do our best to alleviate your pain.” Carol said, glancing down at Peter’s cock and suddenly sliding her fingers around the shaft and stroking him upward.

Peter’s eyes glossed over slightly as Carol’s soft hands pleasured him. Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 7 (Featuring Peter's Sister Simone Flynn)

Episode 7 (featuring Peter’s sister: Simone Flynn)


In Dorothy’s room, Simone was lying on the bed fast asleep. She was completely naked, of course, and curled up on her side. Peter and Dorothy were also naked, as they entered quietly. Dorothy climbed into the bed and gently lifted Simone’s head up and set it on her soft lap.

Peter, unsure what to do, fearful of what his mother might do to Simone, sat down on the edge of the bed and watched them.

Dorothy started stroking Simone’s hair nice and gentle, continuing to do so until she woke up.

As soon as Simone’s eyes were opened, she lifted her head from her mother’s lap and glared up at her, frightened by her mother’s eyes and dark and smeared makeup.

“Look at my sweet daughter, so full of fright,” Dorothy said, saddened.

“What are you going to do to me?” Simone asked, trembling.

“Do I really scare you that much?” Dorothy asked.

Simone didn’t say anything.

“Your brother was very good to your Mother.” Dorothy smiled at Peter.

Peter smiled back.

“What’s Peter doing here?” Simone asked, confused.

“Didn’t you hear me? He was very good to your Mother.”

“That’s good,” Simone said, unsure. “I’m happy for you.”

“Your sister Fiona said some terrible things to me and afterwards Peter was very good to me. I was so sad and next thing I know I was coming like crazy. Oh, it was wonderful.”

“Good,” Simone said.

“Do you wanna know what Fiona said to me?”


“It was a warning, I think. A threat, too. But I’ll take it as a warning. She said if I continue to treat you children so badly, maybe you’ll all leave me. And I’d be alone in this big house.”

Simone thought about it.

“And this made me sad. So sad.” Dorothy started to cry again, wiping her eyes and smearing her makeup even more.

“Mother, don’t cry?” Simone said and started to cry as well. Then Simone sat up and hugged her mother, holding her mother’s face to her small breasts.

Dorothy closed her eyes, burying her face in her daughter’s breasts. Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 8

Episode 8 (featuring Peter’s grandmother: Arielle Flynn)


Peter and Arielle were standing a couple feet deep in the private beach. Peter was in his baggy black swimming trunks, occasionally wandering a few more feet out and submerging himself in the water, as the waves crashed against him. Meanwhile Arielle was still fully dressed, letting the bottom of her skirt dip in the wavy waters.

Peter dove into the water and let it carry him back to his grandma, as he snuck up on her, leading with his outstretched hands, as they caught his grandma’s ass, swinging her slightly and dragging her down into the water.

“Peter!” Arielle screamed out, startled, as she fell back on her ass, onto the sand below, while the cool water chilled her lower half.

“Sorry,” Peter said, standing up, offering to help his grandmother up.

“It’s all right,” Arielle said, giggling, choosing to remain seated, as the waves crashed against her back. She was now wet up to her shoulders, as her big breasts heaved and her big nipples darted through her wet bra and tank top, which were both clinging to her body, leaving very little to Peter’s imagination.

Apart from maybe his sister Margot, Peter had never seen breasts and nipples so big. He was instantly aroused. As his cock filled with blood, expanding rapidly, he eased back into the water so his grandmother wouldn’t see his erection.

Arielle noticed her grandson staring at her breasts, so she turned away, modestly.

There was nothing to be said, as they huddled there a few seconds longer.

Then, with the sea to their backs, a big wave snuck up on them, toppling Arielle forward and lifting Peter momentarily on top of her, driving his long hard cock against her meaty ass and sliding the head down against her soft pussy, while, in effort to keep her above water, Peter wrapped his arms around her belly.

“Oh dear!” Arielle shouted, excitedly and nervously, as she peered back at her grandson. “Peter, can you believe these waves?”

Peter enjoyed the feeling of his grandmother’s soft stomach, as he continued to hold her tight.

“Peter?” Arielle whispered.

“Yeah?” Peter said, resting his head against her upper back as he held her stomach. Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 9

Episode 9 (featuring Peter’s sister: Margot Flynn)


Margot led Peter to the house. As soon as they were inside, Peter noticed it was quite quiet. He wondered how late it was. Then Margot slipped her hand in his and led him slowly and quietly up the stairs.

Margot had a room to herself. Up in the attic. It was rather small, but the privacy was well worth the trade in space.

As soon as they were in her room, Margot let go of Peter’s hand and unbuttoned her blouse and stripped it off. Peter gravitated over to the small window and glanced out at the moonlit lawn.

“The King Of Bores took me to his family estate on Martha’s Vineyard,” Margot said, pulling off her camisole top, revealing her big, bulbous breasts, which were overflowing from her tight, lacy blue bra, as she stretched out onto her bed, lounging lazily.

Peter nodded, watching and listening to the goings on outside. A cat lurking, hunting. The distant birds. The distant dogs. The other distant critters.

“Why is it the more well-off a person is, the more established, the more of a bore he is?” Margot asked turning onto her back.

“I don’t know,” Peter said, focusing on the cat prowling in the moonlight.

“Even his cum tastes boring.”

Peter nodded, flashing a proud and abbreviated smile, as he assumed, by default, his sister thought his cum tasted unboring, maybe even exciting, or at the very least, good.

“Peter?” Margot said, smiling over at him.

Peter smiled over at her.

“Yes, sweetie,” Margot said. “I would absolutely love to drink some of your delicious cum.” Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 10

Episode 10 (featuring Peter’s girlfriend’s cousin: Sierra Flores)


Given that his sisters were now by the window, which was on the same side of him as Sierra, Peter thought it best to further shield Sierra’s presence by moving on top of her.

And so, without a sound, Peter leaned down against Sierra’s small body, pushing her gently down to her belly, while he simultaneously slid on top of her and pulled her underneath him, until he was covering her tiny body, completely. In the process, Peter spread his legs over Sierra’s soft little ass cheeks and fixed his cock even deeper between her legs.

Beneath Peter’s long and skinny, eclipsing body, Sierra emitted a mostly silent wince, as she felt Peter’s pointy cockhead continue to burrow into her, almost as if he was piercing right through her underwear, while his rock hard cockhead dug deeper into her wetting pussy.

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Peter, as if he thought he might be able to make Sierra disappear entirely, attempted to meld himself even further into Sierra – after all, he knew he could never be too sure with his snooping sisters, especially the twins. So, Peter slid his hands around Sierra’s rib cage and up inside her shirt and inadvertently inside her loose-fitting bra, as her soft small breasts settled into the palms of his hands, while he pressed harder with his pelvis, led by his cock and cockhead, which was now essentially sheathed within a layer of Sierra’s drenched panties, as he suddenly and unexpectedly breached Sierra’s slippery pussy hole, entering and sliding in as far as the elasticity of her wet panties would allow, which was about cockhead-deep.

Sierra instantly melted, moaning lowly before she was able to turn and bury her face into Peter’s upper arm, while a rush of pleasure tickled her insides, and began to swirl through her body. Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 11

Episode 11 (featuring Peter’s aunt: Carol Weller)


Peter was showered and dressed in a nice polo shirt and slacks, Dorothy’s preferred attire for Peter during his lessons. He was sitting at the foot of his mother’s bed and lackadaisically going over the home schooling workbook spread across his lap. Dorothy was also showered and dressed, wearing a nice green and black dress. She was sitting at the head of her bed and skimming over Peter’s other home schooling workbooks.

“Mother!” Daphne and Dylan said rather excitedly, almost in unison, as they appeared in the doorway.

“Not now,” Dorothy said, glaring up at them.

“Aunt Carol’s here!” Daphne and Dylan said, again, almost in unison.

Peter pricked up his ears, smiling and glancing over at his twin sisters.

“Why should I care if Aunt Carol is here or not? You and your sisters can visit with her all you like, but you can leave me and Peter out of it.”

“She wants to see you,” Daphne said, a bit forceful, and a bit confused.

“She of all people should know it’s Peter’s lesson time,” Dorothy said, annoyed.

“She wants to show you something,” Dylan said.

“A gift!” Daphne and Dylan said in unison.

Dorothy tried to ignore her daughters, but a gift was far too intriguing to ignore. And so, suddenly, she was up. “Peter, I want you to finish your reading comprehension and mathematics lessons before I return,” Dorothy said as she slipped into some sandals.

“Yes, Mother,” Peter said, completely deflated, as he nodded, as visions of his Aunt Carol and her big, gigantic breasts sifting through his hands danced through in his head. Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 12

Episode 12 (featuring Peter’s neighbor: Lindsay O’Leary)


As the early evening was setting in, Iggy led Peter back out of the woods. Into a cozy little backyard. The house on the property was a medium-sized house, about half the size of Peter’s family’s house. The house was somewhat unusual looking, with an asymmetric shape and covered in lots of stonework. The house looked snug. Tucked away into the raised ground and bushes around it.

As soon as the house was in view, Iggy moved quickly, running and jumping up into an almost glowing opened window.

Curious to no end, Peter followed the cat, all the way up to the window and stood on his tip-toes to peer inside.

Peter spied an extremely gorgeous woman with big shimmering hazel eyes, auburn hair tied up, and long, hanging pointy breasts, which were extended even further by her long pink nipples. The woman was half-covered in bubbles and suds and sitting in a big bubble bath. The bathroom was full of stonework and off-white tiles and well lit by numerous candles.

“Peter?” The woman’s eye widened as she wrapped her arms around herself and her big breasts.

“Hello,” Peter said and smiled, not sure who she was.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m getting away.”

“You are?” The woman smiled.

“Yeah. I’m trying to disappear. For a while, anyway. Can you help me?”

“Okay. Sure.”

“Cool,” Peter said and smiled. “Can I use your phone, too?”

“Okay. Just a minute.” The woman looked up at him, waiting for him to stop looking at her. “Peter?”


“Can you please look away?”

“Okay.” Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 13Episode 13 (featuring Peter’s best friend’s sister: Belinda Tyner)


“Peter?” a familiar female voice called out from over by the Oldsmobile.

Peter wheeled around. It was Belinda Tyner, Peter’s best friend’s sister.

Belinda, who was 20 going on about 42, was looking as rough and tough and sexy as ever. To see her beauty, with her deep blue eyes and her gorgeous wavy long blond hair, juxtaposed with her gruffness, her cigarette dangling from her full lips, her baggy and loose-fitting black leather jacket, her red tank top, and her worn and torn jeans and her sneakers, she gave Peter’s senses a smorgasbord of curious impulses to sift through. Fight or flight was what it amounted to, not unlike the witch he had just encountered.

“Did you see her?” Peter shouted, frantic.

“Who? The goth chick?” Belinda said, flicking her cigarette. “Yeah. She’s Teddy’s niece. She’s pretty cool. If you’re into vampires.” Belinda hopped off the hood of the car and started walking over, followed closely behind by a goofy looking Sha-Na-Na-type greaser-dude-in-training and a weird Bananza-type cowboy offshoot about a thousand miles away from his Bizarro-world Ponderosa. More than likely, these two were a couple of Belinda’s newest editions to her constantly evolving and revolving men, or minion, collection. After 2 seconds, it wasn’t hard to figure out, even for Peter, who was running the show between the three of them. “Peter?” Belinda said. “What the fuck are you wearing?”

“Nothing.” Peter shrugged his shoulders, starting to shiver again.

“Yeah right.” Belinda rolled her eyes. “You wearing nothing? That might be the only thing worse than what you’re wearing.”

Peter looked down, feeling bad.

Belinda could see she hurt his feelings.

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Suddenly, Belinda stopped short. “Do you retards have to following me everywhere I go?” Belinda shouted back at her subordinates.

The greaser muttered something to himself and the cowboy planted his hands on his hips and spit, as they both wandered back over to the car.

Belinda gave Peter a warm smile.

Peter smiled back.

“Hey, Angelo, take off your leather jacket and sneakers. Buddy, your flannel and jeans,” Belinda shouted back at them.

“B?” the greaser said, protesting. “It’s fucking freezing out here!”

The cowboy agreed, communicating this by spitting again.

“No shit. Look at Peter,” Belinda said, grilling them with her eyes. “My brother’s best friend is freezing half to death, here. So hurry it up.”

Peter watched as the greaser and the cowboy caved in and tossed their clothes over to Peter.

Belinda approached Peter. “Here, Peter, let me help you.” Belinda pulled off Peter’s polo shirt and tossed it over to the greaser. Then she knelt down and started undoing his slacks. “What was Dorothy thinking dressing you like this? I mean, does she actually want you to go downtown and let business men suck you off for pocket change?” Though it sounded somewhat harsh, Belinda’s tone was more concerned than anything.

“I don’t think so,” Peter said, unsure, as he peeked down at Belinda’s boobs jiggling away inside her tank top.

Just as Belinda pulled down Peter’s slacks, a car pulled up and an older couple got out and gawked a little at Peter and Belinda and the greaser and the cowboy and all their varying degrees of nakedness.

Peter was instantly embarrassed. Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 14Episode 14 (featuring Peter’s girlfriend’s mother: Theresa Costa)


Peter and Theresa were sitting at the dining room table. Theresa had prepared a traditional Mexican meal of beef, beans, rice, vegetables, and tortillas. Peter’s plate was full. Theresa’s not so much. Theresa had done the serving.

As it turned out, Peter wasn’t actually all that hungry. In fact, he was feeling a little ill. His stomach was shaky, a probable symptom of his lingering blue balls.

Theresa, as beautiful as she was, was also a bit hefty, and thus, enjoyed food. This love of food was no different tonight. For all her love of food, luckily for her, the extra weight seemed to always go exactly where extra weight should go on a woman. Her breasts. Her ass. Her hips. Her thighs. Her weight wasn’t severe and never came close to marring her beauty. Especially her gorgeous face. And so, as Theresa continued to pick apart the food on her plate, nibbling and munching away at all the deliciousness, she got a glimpse of Peter and his plate, which was barely touched.

“Peter?” Theresa said, padding her mouth with her napkin and tilting her head slightly, as concern filled her eyes. “Why are you not eating?”

“I don’t know.” Peter thought about it, glancing over at her thick cleavage.

“Are you not well?”

“I am. Not. Well. I guess.”

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“What could be the matter?” Theresa asked, reaching over and rubbing his thigh.

Peter’s eyes bulged, as Theresa’s touch, alone, was enough to send a jolt of pain through his cock and balls. Peter emitted a slight grunting noise and doubled over a little.

“You aren’t well,” Theresa said, convinced.

“I know. And I so want to be. For Elena.” Peter looked around, nervous, embarrassed. “I don’t know what to do,” Peter said. “I just want everything to go well. I want to be well.”

“What would you like to do?” Theresa asked, as she knelt down beside him, switching her hand and rubbing his thigh in a larger sweeping manner, while raising her other hand up to rub his back.

“Do?” Peter glanced down at Theresa and Theresa’s cleavage again, as he winced in pain, straining, while his cock started to grow inside his jeans and down his legs, almost as if it was extending itself to make Theresa’s hand’s acquaintance.

“Yes,” Theresa said, smiling warmly and tilting her head to the side. “What would you like to do? To feel better?”

Peter didn’t say anything, only gulping, full of fear and nerves, as his tall thin cock continued to grow down his leg, right into the path of Theresa’s wide-circling hand.

Theresa’s eyes immediately dropped to Peter’s thigh, shocked to find her hand wrapped around Peter’s cockhead. Theresa’s eyes widened, as she emitted something grave in Spanish, something that might mean, “Oh God,” “Oh no,” or simply, “Oh shit.”

“Mrs. Costa?” Peter said lightly.

“Theresa,” she said, correcting him, failing to remove her hand from his cock, instead giving his cockhead a sudden squeeze.

“Theresa, then, I mean.” Peter revised, wincing a little.

“Yes?” Theresa said, glancing back down at Peter’s cock, intrigued by the alarming length.

“Can you help me?” Peter said, breathlessly.

“Yes.” Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 15Episode 15 (featuring Peter’s girlfriend: Elena Costa)


While he watched her, closely and intently, Elena suddenly opened her eyes.

Peter withered.

“You’re awake,” Elena said, smiling, energized.

“Yup.” Peter smiled, watching her, admiring her every little everything.

Elena sat up and yawned and stretched.

Peter continued to watch her. She was majestic. Peter saw a princess. A sweet and charismatic 5th level aristocrat adept at the art of song and dance and languages and courtly knowledge. Peter was a thieving, swashbuckling good-for-nothing 1st level fighter adept at no more than what you see before you. A lowly commoner. Peter could be whipped or worse, just for being here. In this situation. Waking up in a bed with a princess.

“Peter?” Elena smiled and giggled, gazing down at him.

Peter smiled, gazing up at her.

“Well? Are you going to tell me what you’re doing here? Or maybe how you got here?”

“Honestly? I can’t remember. All I know is I’m here. Where I want to be.”

“Yes,” Elena said and grabbed and squeezed his thigh. “I can’t believe it.”

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“Me neither. I wanted to get away. Disappear. And reappear here. And it’s almost like that’s what happened. It’s all just a blur.”

“It’s so crazy.” Elena smiled, shaking her head. “I come home and I find my mother passed out in her bed. And then I find you passed out in my bed.”

Peter smiled. Then his smile mutated into a smirk, as the combination of Elena’s exquisite beauty and Elena’s hand still resting on his thigh, and the mention of Elena’s mother and the subsequent memories of fucking Elena’s mother in every which way for nearly 3 hours straight, caused Peter’s cock to firm up fast in his jeans.

“Fine. Don’t tell me.” Elena glared playfully down at him. “It doesn’t really matter. As long as you are here. Now.” With that, Elena slid back down beside him, settling under his arm.

Peter and Elena gazed deeply and dreamily into each others eyes, while Peter started to move his hands up and down her back, pulling the back of her lingerie up in the process, so he could touch all her bare skin, from the back of her neck to her thin waist.

Elena almost purred at his touch, melting into him.

Closer to him now, Peter reached down inside the back of her lacy panties, caressing her soft ass cheeks.

Elena’s purrs gave way to moans, as she started to plant little kisses on his neck.

Even closer to him now, Peter reached further still, down around the crack of her ass and slid his long spidery fingers along her moist pussy lips.

Elena’s breathing quickened, as she stretched to kiss his lips. Read More

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Episode 16Episode 16 (featuring Peter’s sister: Rebecca Addison)


In a all-night diner, Peter and Rebecca were sitting at a booth across from each other. Peter was lost in a heaping plate of fresh steak fries doused in ketchup. Rebecca watched her little brother chowing down while she daintily ate a piece of cherry pie and sipped a cup of coffee.

“Peter, why don’t you take one of your shoes off and give me your foot,” Rebecca said, after she took another sip of coffee.

Peter smirked.

Rebecca tilted her head playfully.

Peter, with a fry in hand, nodded and slipped off a sneaker and lifted his socked foot up and Rebecca took it in her hands and guided it between her legs. Rebecca immediately scooted forward, closing her thighs around Peter’s foot. Then she took her coffee and reclined back. Peter smiled, as he wiggled his toes inside his sister’s warm crotch. Rebecca paused a moment, enjoying her brother’s exploring toes, before she sipped her coffee and gave him a smile back.

“Peter?” Rebecca said weakly.

“Yeah?” Peter grabbed another fry.

“Before we get home, I wanted to tell you something.” Rebecca winced, as Peter’s toe managed to find her clitoris. “Charlie’s family isn’t like ours.”

“They aren’t?”

“They don’t do what we do.”

“Fun Time, you mean?”

“Right,” Rebecca said, smiling. “How’d you know about Fun Time?”

“From when I was little. Father, Mother, you, Lilly, Margot, Beatrice, and…Missy?”

“Yeah. Of course,” Rebecca said, forming a sneer on her face. “Can’t forget Missy.”

“Why do you say it like that? Missy? Why do you say it like that?”


“I like Missy,” Peter said, remembering how incredibly good his sister Missy’s pussy felt.

“Of course you like Missy. You’re young. Your heart can take it.”

“Whose heart can’t take it?”

“Nevermind!” Rebecca said, pushing Peter’s foot away and scooting out. “Come on! Let’s go!”

“Okay,” Peter said, confused. Read More


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