Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive!

Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive! (First Time Ever!)

Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive: 4-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4)Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive! by Luca Satana

You really have to feel for a young man like Oggy Gobbins. Just 18 years old and he’s already given up on life. Well, can you blame him? Ever since his adolescence, Oggy’s had to beat his meat at least a couple times a day just to keep his exorbitant amount of cum at bey. After all these years, the task is just too great, his cum is just too great, and he’s ready to give up and just let his over-producing cum-filled balls take over. And if that means total cock blockage down below and imminent death, then so be it, because Oggy has decided he is never ever going to rub another one out as long as he lives. So, from now on, if anybody gives a shit, Oggy’s mom, his sisters, and whoever else is around, they’re just gonna have to do it for him, because Oggy has had enough!

Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive: 4-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4)Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive! 4-Pack 1 (First Time Ever! – Fourth Time Ever!) *Get 25% off coupon code*

Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive! is now available in bulk! Catch up with everyone’s favorite cum-congested twerp Oggy Gobbins in one fell swoop with the Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive! 4-Pack 1, including:

First Time Ever! (Oggy’s Mom)

Second Time Ever! (Oggy’s Doctor)

Third Time Ever! (Oggy’s Sister Yolanda)

Fourth Time Ever! (Oggy’s Mom Again!)

Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive! (First Time Ever!)Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive! (First Time Ever!)


In Oggy’s room, Oggy Gobbins was in something of a catatonic state. His skin was clammy. His usual pale skin even paler, with a blue tinge.

Harmony was standing there and staring down at her brother, who was bare-chested, while his lower half was covered in his bedsheets.

Macy, who was completely naked, with her big bulbous breasts jiggling away on her chest and a thick shock of furry brown pubic hair reaching up from between her legs, stepped lightly into the room. As soon as she got one look at her son, her eyes filled with intense worry.

Oggy, though he was very much out of it, was still conscious, shivering slightly and sweating.

“Oggy?” Macy called out to him. “Oggy!”

Oggy didn’t respond.

“Call 911!” Macy screamed at Harmony.

“Okay, Mother,” Harmony replied in tears, as she vanished out of the room.

With a watchful eye on her son, Macy moved in closer to him and decided to remove his bedsheets from his lower half. And there, she looked in awe at her son’s gigantic fully-erect 8-inch cock and massive balls. Macy couldn’t take her eyes off it. It was trembling, which was causing a deep pool of silvery precum to quiver on the tip. Read More

Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive (Second Time Ever!)Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive! (Second Time Ever!)


“Hello, there,” Dr. Jenks said and smiled at Oggy, who knew the drill and was already sitting up on the examination bed.

“Hi,” Oggy said, trying to reciprocate with a smile, but not quite able to, as the tension in his cock and balls was already rebuilding, giving him considerable discomfort.

“Not good, I guess, hm?” Dr. Jenks said, as she sat down at the computer and clicked through some pages and perused some info.

“Uhn-uhn,” Oggy said, starting to perspire.

“I see you made a trip to the ER?”


“Well, that’s not too good,” Dr. Jenks said, smiling.


Then Dr. Jenks took an extended moment to finish skimming over the write-up on Oggy’s ER visit. As she read through the titillating details of Oggy’s issue, she also started to perspire, even loosening the top button of her blouse to slide her slender fingers around her neck to rub at her dampening skin. Read More

Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive (Third Time Ever!)Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive! (Third Time Ever!)


In Oggy’s room, Oggy was playing video games. He was sitting on the floor, up against the bed. As he held the game control, raising and turning his hands to blast the next alien creature, he grimaced with discomfort. Finally, he just set his control down and tucked his head down, groaning in pain, as he lightly touched the big bulge in his jeans. After a few seconds of this, he picked up the control. As he played on, perspiration formed on his temples.

Just then, his door opened. It was Yolanda.

“Hey, Oggy,” Yolanda said and smiled warmly, acting a little over-concerned, like she was visiting a terminally ill child in the hospital.

“Hi,” Oggy struggled to say.

“So, what’s going on?” Yolanda asked, as she finally decided to pocket her phone.

“I’m okay.”

“No, I asked what’s going on.”

“Oh. Well. You know…” Oggy winced.

Yolanda came over to his bed and sat down. She watched him play his game a few minutes. “Are you gonna pause your game?” she asked.

“I can’t. Not until the next save point.” Then Oggy twitched in pain, getting his guy killed anyway. Annoyed, he shut the game off. Read More

Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive (Fourth Time Ever)Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive! (Fourth Time Ever!)


Oggy was up and about, hobbling gingerly, with his big thick 8-inch cock and rock-hard balls filling his boxers, as he made his way to the bathroom.

When he arrived at the bathroom door, which was closed, he nearly crashed into it. Upon impact, Oggy grimaced, first from the pain of running into the door, then from the sudden, and much more intense shooting pain lancing through his insides, which made him straighten and exhale, as a single tear squeezed out of his eye and down his cheek. Desperate for some kind of relief, he quickly led his raging cock out of the slit of his boxers, causing his thick 8 inches to burst free and swell into his hand.

A second later, his mother opened the bathroom door, as the sound of her running bathwater filled his ears, and the sight of her massive bare breasts and long bright pink nipples filled his eyes, making his cock and balls pierce him once more with angry interest. Read More



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