My Mom And My Aunt Pretty Much Rule The Bathroom

My Mom And My Aunt Pretty Much Rule The Bathroom: Episode 1

My Mom And My Aunt Pretty Much Rule The Bathroom: Episode 1My Mom And My Aunt Pretty Much Rule The Bathroom by Luca Satana

Growing up, Mathew Harrington didn’t think much of it. He figured everybody’s parents were a little off. He figured everybody’s parents do some weird thing the rest of the family had to suffer. In his parent’s case, or more specifically his mother Louise’s case, along with his Aunt Beatrix, well, their weird thing was they never left the bathroom, or more specifically the bathtub.

All day and all night, Louise and Beatrix remained, lying there, in full makeup, in full undress, filling their time with light conversation, giggling, a little kissing and touching, and waiting, lots of waiting, for their next traveler to pass through, which could only be Mathew’s father Charles, or his sister Alison, or himself. Given the situation, it was unlikely his father, his sister, or Mathew himself were ever going to invite anyone over the house and subject them to Louise and Beatrix.

In the beginning, all Louise and Beatrix demanded of the traveler – aka, the bathroom-user – in exchange for safe passage – aka, use of the bathroom – was a little attention, or a willingness to be intruded upon, usually with their eyeballs or a couple quips and giggles. However, as the years went on, a couple quips and giggles no longer satisfied Louise and Beatrix’s growing penchants for mischief and devilry. So steadily, over time, Louise and Beatrix increased their demands for safe passage, resulting in a much more intense intrusion, far more wicked than a mere ogle or a couple quips and giggles. Far more wicked, indeed. And after this, it was quite clear to all parties involved, Mathew’s mother and aunt pretty much ruled the bathroom.

My Mom And My Aunt Pretty Much Rule The Bathroom: Episode 1My Mom And My Aunt Pretty Much Rule The Bathroom


Over a dozen years ago, when Charles and Louise Harrington bought this house, their realtor tried to steer them away from a three-bedroom and one-bath, telling them it could eventually lead to traffic jams or gridlock down the road. Man, was she right.

But nobody could have dreamt this up!

Mathew was lying in bed, fast asleep, when his sister Alison suddenly hopped in.

Mathew was a handsome 20-year-old college sophomore with dark eyes and dark hair. Presently, he was in nothing but his boxers.

Alison was an even more handsome, or beautiful, 18-year-old high school senior with dark eyes and dark hair. Presently, she was in a medium-length white nightgown.

“What are you doing?” Mathew said, barely conscious.

“Mom! She finally did it!” Alison said, in tears.

“What? Did what?”

“Made me do something.”


“For safe passage.”

“What did she make you do?”

“I was on the toilet, half-asleep, when Mom and Aunt Beatrix, who I thought were asleep in the bathtub, rose out of the bathtub and crawled over to me.”

“Okay…then what happened?” Mathew was stunned. It was rare for his mother and aunt to venture out of the bathtub.

“My nightgown was pulled up, obviously, and like I said, I was half-asleep, and, well, next thing I know, Mom and Aunt Beatrix had parted my legs and, well, you know.”

“What? I don’t know,” Mathew said, feeling his cock and balls tingle with interest. “Well, not exactly.”

Alison smirked suspiciously. Then she sunk down closer to her big brother, giving him a very cold glare.

Mathew grinned. Read More

My Mom And My Aunt Pretty Much Rule The Bathroom: Episode 2My Mom And My Aunt Pretty Much Rule The Bathroom: Episode 2


Mathew woke to the now familiar, and quite unmistakable aroma of his sister Alison’s pussy, as she shifted her lower half over his face, backwards, and dropped, first, her already dripping pussy lips on his lips, second, her surprisingly strong meaty thighs fixing his head in place, and, third, the skirt of her nightgown trapping him inside a world where only he and his sister’s underparts existed.

As Mathew half-heartedly licked and lapped up his sister’s flavorful juices, he wondered if this was going to be his life from now on? Every morning and every night, eating his little sister’s pussy? No, he thought to himself defiantly, maybe psyching himself up a little. He had to do something. He had to do something to break the cycle, before it became a cycle.

So, right before he found out how many licks it took to get to his sister’s candy-coated orgasm, Mathew reached up, around his sister’s waist, hooking his hands and wrists around her ass, about to rip her pussy, by any means necessary, off him and his lips once and for all. Read More



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