Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow

Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 1

Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow by Luca Satana Legion Of FilthHelping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow by Luca Satana

Bethany was a very beautiful 38-year-old woman, a very beautiful 38-year-old Christian woman, as she often liked to interject when describing herself. She never really dabbled in sex too much. She was waiting for the right man. The right god-fearing Christian man. As a result, she never learned how to swallow. And this bothered her. She knew she probably shouldn’t let something like that bother her, but it did.

So, the next time her 18-year-old nephew Darren came over, she thought she might ask him to help her with this. Darren, who wasn’t Christian at all, or not really, well, maybe a little, and who always had the silliest little misplaced crush on his very cute aunt, agreed without a second thought.

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Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 1Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 1


And so, there they were, mid-morning, sitting on Bethany’s bed.

Darren could pretty much tell his Aunt Bethany was nervous, so he didn’t press the issue at all. Instead, he just followed her lead. If she wanted to wait, that was fine with him. If she wanted to watch TV, that was fine with him. However, when she tried to turn on Jimmy Swaggert, well, he definitely wasn’t fine with that. So, they watched TV Land instead, nonstop classic sit-com gobbledygook.

After about an hour and a half of that, Darren finally, thinking now was as good a time as any, turned to his aunt and smiled.

Bethany reciprocated politely.

“Okay, Aunt Bethany, are you ready to try?” Darren asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Okay,” Bethany said, nodding to herself and then sitting up, and after one more nervous smile, she started taking off her clothes. Read More

Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 2Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 2


As soon as Darren was in the hallway, he could hear the shower going. The bathroom door was ajar. He pushed lightly in on it.

Inside, Bethany was standing in the large open shower. As soon as she saw her nephew, she gave him a bright smile. “There you are,” Bethany said, smiling at her nephew, and then recommenced lathering up her taut and slender, yet curvy body, producing tons of suds in the process, turning around, shifting, showing her perfectly plump, yet very firm ass, then turning back around again.

Darren continued to be dumbfounded by his aunt’s beautiful body. Her nice little breasts and long and pointy nipples beaming at him. Then, again the cleft of her shaved pussy, which was once again casting a spell on Darren, enticing him to come and fuck her. Read More

Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 3Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 3


“Oh, you’ll be interested to know I spoke to your mother,” Bethany said, as she started toward the bed.

“Oh. Okay,” Darren said, scooting over for her to join him.

“She’s expecting you home pretty soon.”

“Okay.” He was instantly deflated by this.

“Darren, I might have made a mistake,” Bethany said, as she crawled in next to him and lied down on her back, opening her robe and exposing her beautiful body. “When she asked what you were doing over here, I panicked.”

“Oh, you did?” Darren said, though his mind was far more concerned with his aunt’s cute little tits and sprouting pink nipples, making his cock flutter and his balls tingle.

“Yeah.” Bethany smiled at him, first out of embarrassment for the mistake she had made with his mother, but then out of embarrassment for the way her nephew’s admiring eyes were flattering her. “So, Darren, what I told her was we were having a Bible study.”

Darren beamed up at her, amused at first, but then wondering if he might be committing some sort of great blasphemy, meeting his aunt like this under the guise of a Bible study. Read More

Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 4Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 4


Wherever Darren went; home, his buddy’s place, the diner, the movie theater, he carried around the lone souvenir from the day’s events, which was the chiseled image of his aunt’s beautiful pussy, which cascaded all around the inner walls of his mind, waiting there for him to reference, which he did many times throughout the night, whenever he was feeling nostalgic, which was constantly. So, yeah, I guess you could say Darren was a little obsessed.

When Darren ran out of distractions and finally headed home, he was exhausted beyond belief, mostly from trying to actively forget his aunt and her beautiful body, which he was only able to accomplish for very brief intervals. He headed upstairs. Into his room. And before he collapsed on his bed, he only barely noticed a folded-up piece of notebook paper on his pillow.

Darren smirked, curious and confused. He picked it up and carefully unfolded it.

Inside, he found a key taped to the paper. Then a message, which read, “Darren: Sorry I missed you. As you can see, my date with Roger ended rather early and rather abruptly. Apparently, Roger keeps quite a strict curfew for himself, which was fine with me, since I’m not sure I could have stayed awake for yet another one of his mission trip war stories. So, I thought I’d come by for a little visit. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thinking about our Bible studies all night. I have to say, I think we’ve made great progress, and I think that’s a testament to your patients. Thank you for that. So, I was hoping, maybe, if the spirit moves you, at first light you might like to come see me so we can get a few more lessons in before church. Yours truly, Aunt Bethany.” Read More

Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 5Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Episode 5


As Darren lied there, watching his Aunt Bethany in all her infinite nakedness and cum-covered beauty, continuing to pose like the super-model she so could be, at least in Darren’s mind, though she was merely goofing around, she simply could not be any more sexier, at least in Darren’s mind, as Darren’s cock responded accordingly, growing and stretching long and thick across the bed.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Bethany nearly screamed with excitement, as she quit her posing so she could move in closer to the bed, allowing her to get an eyeful of her nephew and his gorgeous cock. Torn by the compulsion to blow her nephew one more time and her commitment to getting ready for church, she emitted another excited scream. “I have to go! We have to go!” And with that, Bethany scurried out of the room, screaming all the way down the hall and into the shower.

Darren followed, almost like a metal-detectorist, with his giant cock acting as his metal detector and his aunt acting as an untold treasure giving his detector monitor an absolute conniption, with one manic flash and blip after another. Read More


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