Aunt Sarah’s Answer To Everything


Aunt Sarah's Answer To Everything: Episode 1Guy Huffman was a handsome 42 year old man with blue eyes and dark hair. Average height. Average weight. He was a good man. Fair. Even keeled. And always a good provider. However, sadly, that was about to change, as Guy's life slowly crumbled all around him.

First, early in the year, he lost his job. Unable to readily find work, Guy had no choice but to go back to school to change his career. Guy was going to have to lean heavily on his wife's income. As a result, they were having a terrible time making ends meet. So bad, in fact, his wife Wendy had had enough and after of 23 years of marriage ran off with Guy's best friend Charlie. Soon after that, Guy fell into a mental tailspin, unable to do much of anything, until he was in a full blown, crippling depression.

He needed a change.

A serious change.

So, Guy, along with his 18 year old daughter Megan, on his Aunt Sarah's invitation, moved up to New Hampshire.

Aunt Sarah was a still very beautiful 59 year old woman with blue eyes and bright auburn hair. A very shapely figure. She was strong. Independent.

Sarah lived in a three bedroom farm house on the outskirts of town, with her 40 year old daughter Heather and her daughter's husband Tom and their 18 year old daughter Periwinkle. Although it would be cramped, Aunt Sarah insisted they would make do. And with the cost of living so high in the Granite State, Guy didn't really have much choice.

And so it began. Guy Huffman's new life.

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