A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 1



A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong by Luca Satana

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong by Luca Satana Legion Of Filth

Eric Brennan was a handsome 18-year-old young man who really wanted to help his mother. He knew his father was no good for his mother. He was mean. Abusive. Controlling. In fact, the only good thing he ever did for her was fuck her. A lot. Eric knew this from all the years growing up in the house and hearing them going at it. Especially his mother, who was a particularly loud lover.

And so, Eric decided he would confront his mother on Spring Break. First thing he did was pack his suitcase and his mother’s suitcase. Then he took a deep breath and approached his mother.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong Season 1 By Luca Satana

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Sabrina Brennan was a very pretty and very sweet 41-year-old woman. But she needed help. The sad thing was she didn’t even realize it. Not until that fateful day when her son pointed it out to her. Suddenly her eyes were opened. And so, she agreed.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Season 2 (Episode 8-14)

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With it already being late in the day, they had to move quickly. Sabrina was surprised to see that her son had already packed her suitcase. She checked it. No lingerie. One of her favorite things to wear. This simply would not do. So, she threw in all her lingerie and skimpy underwear and tried to get her suitcase closed again. No such luck. However, after considerable effort, which included sitting on it, then standing on it, then sitting on it again, thankfully, she was able to do so.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Season 3 (Episode 15-21)

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Finally, they were off!

They drove for hours. They weren’t sure what they were gonna do. Or where they were gonna go. So, they drove up to the White Mountains. There, they found a not so nice, but barely occupied, strip hotel and decided to stay. For how long, neither one knew. All they knew was they were alone. Together. Mother and son.

There, they could plot out their next move. And start a life, anew. With Eric’s father and Sabrina’s husband finally gone, completely out of the picture.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 1A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 1


It was their first free night.

Eric and Sabrina were in their mostly drab, mostly bare hotel room. They had double beds. With double nightstands and lamps. A card table and chairs. A TV. A lone, rather comfy-looking white chair for watching said TV. And four gaudy, bright yellow walls to hold all this mediocrity in. In addition, they had a small kitchenette, equipped with a mini-sink, a mini-fridge, a mini-microwave, and a mini-coffee maker. Lastly, they had a small bathroom, equipped with another mini-sink, a mini-toilet, and, in contrast, a not so mini-bathtub/shower. The only thing differentiating their room from the others at the hotel was their suitcases, which were resting at the foot of their beds like trunks.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: 6-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4)

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Complete darkness appeared impossible to attain. There was always a street light or street sign cutting in through the thin curtains and even thinner blinds, which created several splashes of light in various sectors of the room.

No traffic sounds, though. Only the sound of the occasional distant wild animals. And, of course, the faucet dripping.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong 4-Pack 2 (Episode 5-8)

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong 4-Pack 2 (Episode 5-8) *25% off coupon code ZV45K*

Eric was lying there in his bed. Awake. He was on his back, with his arms tucked under his head. He was wearing a t-shirt, boxers, and socks, with the bed sheets coming up to his thighs.

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Sabrina was lying there in her bed. Awake. She was on her side, facing away. She was wearing a skimpy piece of pink babydoll lingerie and matching panties. Her body was mostly free from her covers, with her big round ass peeking out in Eric’s direction.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: 4-Pack 3 (Episode 9-12)

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Eric glanced over at his mother’s big round ass. His eyes narrowed in on his mother’s crotch, with what could only be her soft pussy lips tucked snugly inside. His cock started to firm. He turned on his side, facing her.

While she lied there, Sabrina slid a hand down between her legs, sliding her fingers inside her panties and lightly teasing her furry pussy lips and slippery clitoris. After a few minutes of this, Sabrina started to breath heavier.

Eric’s cock was beaming, as he listened to his mother’s heavier and heavier breathing. Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 2A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 2


It was their first free morning. At the very first sign of light.

Eric woke with a powerful jolt, opening his eyes, as sprawling elation surged through his body and waves of thick and creamy cum spurted up and out of his wildly contracting cock.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: 4-Pack 4 (Episode 13-16)

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong 4-Pack 4 (Episode 13-16) *25% off coupon code GK75X*

Sabrina was squatting down next to her coming son. Her pink babydoll lingerie was in a terrible way; heavily worn, stretched, and wet. “There you go,” Sabrina whispered, as her tired eyes lit up at the sight of her son’s big cock emptying load after load into the fold of the soft white pillow. “Let it all out.” Sabrina was holding the pillow securely around Eric’s cock and slowly and easily pumped him for more warm goo.

“Mom!” Eric exclaimed, sitting up.

“Well, look who’s up,” Sabrina said, giggling goofily. Exhausted, she eased back, causing one of her lingerie straps to slip off her shoulder, exposing half of her big fleshy left tit and pink areola.

“It’s not funny!” Eric shot to his feet, standing there with his big shiny cock still drooling.

“What a waste,” Sabrina said and shook her head. Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 3A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 3


Into their first free day. Early afternoon.

Eric and Sabrina stepped into the hotel office, causing the bell on the door to ring.

Inside, in contrast to the bright early afternoon light, the office was rather sparsely lit. The office was quite spacious, with decorations few and far between. Presently, at the counter, the hotel attendant was fielding a rather heated couple’s complaints. Out of the man and woman, it looked as though the woman was the aggressor.

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“Why are you being so difficult about this?” the woman said, pissed.


“We’re here for a nice quiet stay in the White Mountains. Not to listen to sex sounds all night. And I mean all night.”

At this point, the woman’s husband noticed Eric and Sabrina standing by the door. He nudged his wife.

“What! Wait a minute!” the woman snapped at him. “Listen, either you switch us to a room on the other side of the hotel or we’re leaving and you can be sure we’re not gonna go quietly. We’ll tell anyone who will listen not to stay here.”

The man nudged the woman again.


The man pointed back.

She turned around and her face went white.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: 4-Pack 6 (Episode 21-24)A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong 4-Pack 6 (Episode 21-24) *25% off coupon code PB42P*

“With all due respect, I understand your predicament, but nevertheless,” the hotel attendant said. “There will be a small fee for changing rooms, given the extra work in preparing and cleaning two rooms.”

“Yes, that’s fine. That’s fine,” the woman said, as if the majority of her venomous fervor had shriveled up and died with her awareness of Eric and Sabrina’s presence.

Then the couple immediately retreated from the counter, giving Eric and Sabrina a wide berth, as they sheepishly vacated the office. Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 4

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 4


Progressing into their first free day. Late afternoon.

After a quick bite to eat, Eric and Sabrina were on the long drive back to their hotel. Eric was behind the wheel. Sabrina was in the passenger seat. She was staring at her son.

“What?” Eric, who was more than a little nervous about driving along these winding mountain roads, peeked over at his mother.

“Nothing…” Sabrina smiled, adjusting her big breasts.

Eric peeked over again, as his mother’s large bubbly boobs in her shirt caught his eye. He recommitted his eyes to the road, trying to ignore his cock already starting to firm in his jeans.

Eric and Sabrina were back in their original outfits with Eric in his A Tribe Called Quest t-shirt and jeans and Sabrina in her unbuttoned light blue dress shirt, brown t-shirt, and white jeans.

“Are you tired?” Sabrina asked, watching him intently.

“No. Why?” Eric said, annoyed by the question, as he regripped the steering wheel and glared out at the road ahead of him.

“If you’re tired, maybe we should pull over for a little bit.” Sabrina looked along the road for a place to stop.

“Mom, I told you!” Eric suddenly shouted. “I’m not tired!”

Sabrina flinched, about to cry.

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Eric looked down. Then he noticed a small cleared-out trail up ahead. He pulled in. Once the car was off, he turned to his mother. “Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you.”

“Then why did you?” Sabrina looked out at the thick woods surrounding them.

“You were nagging me a little.”

“Sorry. I didn’t realize I was nagging you.” Sabrina crossed her arms, adjusting her big breasts again.

“Why would I be tired?”

“I don’t know. You just looked tired. That’s all.”

“It’s only an hour-long trip.”

“Yes, but, well, you came a lot. Believe me, I know.” Sabrina’s eyes widened. “I’ve never had so much cum in my mouth at one time.” Sabrina smiled and shook her head.

Eric didn’t know what to say about that. He hated that it happened. And yet, he couldn’t deny it was absolutely the best orgasm he’d ever had in his life. Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 5

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 5


Still in their first free day. Early evening.

When Eric opened his eyes, he found himself in the car, parked back at the hotel. The day had passed into early evening. Eric’s mouth was dry, compelling him to smack his lips. Then he noticed the state of affairs concerning his lower half. Completely naked. He grabbed his boxers and slid them on. Next, his jeans. Lastly, his sneakers. Then he opened the car door and stepped lightly onto the blacktop. He moved gingerly over to the hotel room and turned the knob and entered.

Inside, Sabrina was lying on her bed in a skimpy black and pink bra and panties, which left much of her curves exposed, including a large portion of her big breasts. She was holding the hotel phone to her ear, while she lazily gazed at the TV, which was barely audible, but flickering away in the dimly lit room. While she was doing all this, her lone free hand was exploring the contents of her panties. Also, bizarrely, she was wearing a brown wig, similar to her own hair color, but longer, giving her long bangs and long hair spilling well past her shoulders.

“I gotta go,” Sabrina said lightly into the phone. “You-know-who is home.”

Eric smirked.

As soon as she was off the phone, Sabrina perked up. “Hi, honey,” Sabrina said, as her eyes dazzled with interest and she scooted out of bed and moseyed on over to her son. “How was your nappy-poo?”

“Good,” Eric said, still smirking, as he glanced over at the phone.

“Are you all rested now?” Sabrina asked, rubbing her son’s belly and down to his mid-section.

“Yeah. I guess.”

“Good. I figured with all you’ve been coming today, I better let you rest. How else are you gonna replenish your supply of yum-yum juice?”

Eric winced at that. Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 6

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 6


Still in their first free day. Evening.

As her son slowly faded to sleep, Sabrina remained there, slowly sucking on his semi-hard cock and soft balls. Sabrina was enjoying herself immensely. While she continued in this manner for several minutes, she felt a chill on her ass, as a few droplets of her son’s cum dribbled into the crack of her ass. Sabrina nearly shrieked with excitement, having forgotten all about the cum on her ass, and why she’d been trying her best not to roll over onto her ass.

So, Sabrina decided to carefully remove her son’s strap-on harness. Once she had done so, she used the long hard rubbery dildo to attempt to gather some of the cold clumps of goo from her big round ass cheeks. Success!

After painstakingly dragging the dildo up and down both of her cheeks twice and then along her ass crack, Sabrina rolled onto her back to enjoy the fruits of her labor, slowly and methodically licking up and down the dildo, covering her tongue with tons of her son’s jelly. While she did so, she lazily gazed over at the TV, which was showing an infomercial about a device that sliced and diced vegetables without even having to go to the store and buying the vegetables first. Naturally, Sabrina was curious how that was even possible. However, before she could find out, she noticed her pussy dripping with even more of her son’s goo. Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 7

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 7


With their first full day of freedom over, Eric and Sabrina settled into the night.

They were lying in bed in almost the exact same position as they were in the bathtub, with Sabrina’s body melting down into Eric’s body. Eric was in a fresh pair of boxers and Sabrina was in a white bustier, white panties, and stockings.

The half-eaten pizza they had delivered was sitting in the open pizza box and resting on the table. Apart from the latticed street lights spraying through the blinds, the lone light and sound in the room was coming from the mostly muted TV, which was showing one late night talk show after another.

Almost completely out of it, Eric glanced down at his mother sleeping peacefully on top of him. He smiled at her beauty and big bubbly breasts nearly spilling out of her bustier and onto his chest. In response, though Eric would be the last to admit it, his body, especially his cock, pulsed with interest. As far as Eric could tell, as he watched his mother sleep, it would appear as though she had finally hit the wall, sexually, and was resigned to giving his cock and her pussy the rest of the night off.

Or was she? Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 8

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 8


Well into their second night of freedom, there in the very sparsely lit room, Eric was suddenly summoned to an absolutely wonderful, yet absolutely horrifying sensation. His mother was on top of him. Riding him hard with reckless abandon. Absolutely fucking the life out of his long rock-hard cock.

Or was she?

“Mom!” Eric cried out in horror.

“What’s the matter, Eric, honey? Bad dream?” Sabrina asked, smiling, as she lied there next to him, with her big bare breasts and beaming pink nipples filling in around his side and arm.

Eric glared over at his mother beside him, then up at the mostly shadowy woman riding him, of whom, he could only see her big bare brownish breasts and even browner nipples bouncing every which way inside her open light-blue blouse. Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 9

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 9


In the early light hours of their second free morning, Eric woke to the distinct sound and smell of sex in the air. As if that wasn’t enough to summon him, he also felt the bed moving with the rhythmic motion of sex.

Dead tired, Eric realized, to his horror, he was sleeping on his back. To make matters worse, his long and thick cock was primed with crystalline interest, standing up straight, eager to face the world, or maybe just an accommodating orifice.

Beyond tired and beyond sleepy, Eric gazed lazily over at his mother, who was moaning and whimpering with frenzied pleasure.

“Eric, honey, I’m so sorry,” Sabrina said, as she lied on her back, with her big breasts and beaming nipples shifting in rhythm on her chest to Theresa pounding down into her pussy with the strap-on cock. “Did we wake you?” Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 10

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 10


It was the afternoon of the second free day.

Eric was in a deep sleep.

Right next to him, practically on top of him, Sabrina was in an even deeper sleep. And while she slept, her fingers were locked in a tight fist around the base of her son’s semi-hard cock.

Meanwhile, Theresa was nowhere in sight.

Suddenly, from the deep dark depths of sleep, Eric was summoned. He came to with a heavy exhale, as if he was coming up out of water. Almost instantly, he noticed Theresa was gone. But then, he realized the real reason why he was summoned so abruptly. Pain. From his mother’s hand gripping his cock. Eric winced, sighing.

In the interest of self-preservation, for him and his cock, Eric’s first impulse was to bat his mother’s hand away. Hard. But once he noticed she was, for once, truly and deeply asleep. He thought better of it. Still, he had to do something. Especially since his cock was now growing, making his mother’s tight grip even tighter. Read More

Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 11

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 11


It was the late afternoon of the second free day.

Eric was wandering out of the dark forest of insanity and into the sun-soaked clearing of sanity. And not a second later, the shower water was pouring down on him, waking him, as he peered up from the depths of the empty bathtub, watching the baby-blue tiled walls and white shower curtain wrap around him, and in the center of it all was Theresa.

Theresa, with her immense beauty, and death-defying curves, was almost standing over him, glancing down at him every so often, as she started to shower.

Eric didn’t know if he wanted to stand up and join her or not. He was more than a little pissed at her.

Meanwhile, Theresa was getting very lathered up, spreading soap and suds all over her big brown breasts and long dark nipples. Then down to her dark-haired pussy, running her soapy hands between her legs and back. Then she held that same hand out for Eric to take.

He took it. Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 12A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 12


On their third free night, Eric and Sabrina, along with Sabrina’s friend Theresa, found themselves thoroughly fucked, stranded in a broken-down car, which happened to die on a stretch of rarely traveled road, which happened to be smack dab in the middle of nowhere, with a heavy and chilly wind in the air, which seemed hell-bent, at times, on flipping the fucking car over it was blowing so hard.

All of this, essentially, added up to some seriously frayed nerves, especially in Sabrina’s mind, and to a lesser degree, Theresa’s mind. And bringing up the rear, as far as worry, was Eric, who was the first to accept the situation. The plan, which he had to lay out for them several times, was simple: 1. Calm down. 2. Try to relax. 3. Try to keep warm. And 4. Wait until morning, when folks were getting up and on their way to wherever folks around here were on their way to. Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong Episode 13A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 13


Well into their third free night, about an hour into sleep, while Eric and his mother Sabrina and his mother’s friend Theresa, who were all half-naked, cuddling-up extra close to one another in the backseat of their broken down car, stranded out in the middle of nowhere, Eric woke with a sudden and serious chill.

After a quick, but drowsy scan around the interior of the car, Eric realized, though they were all half-naked, it’s not as if there were a shortage of clothes in the car, as he reached and searched through the shopping bags and other loose clothing lying strewn about the car, and started moving all these clothes on top of their bodies, creating a rather large makeshift quilt. And yet, even with all these newfound layers, Eric was still cold.

And so, in an effort to find warmth, given that they were still in the same position, with Eric and Theresa lying side by side, and Sabrina reversed between them, he slid his semi-hard cock into the thick of his mother’s soft brown hair, settling up very close to her, with his legs almost straddling the back of his mother’s head, as his cockhead, as it just so happened, settled, after dabbling once or twice against his mother’s wet lips, an inch or so from her mouth, and with that, coupled with his mother’s hot breaths and her hair insulating him, finally, warmth was achieved.

Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 14A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 14


By the time Eric and Eric’s cock were free and he made it to the bathroom, Theresa was stepping out of the shower. He, still, even after being in her presence for quite a while now, couldn’t help but marvel at his mother’s friend’s immense beauty, her absolutely flawless face, her shapely coffee-colored skin, and her almost natural cinnamon scent, as her big brown breasts and long dark nipples, as well as her black-haired pussy, dribbled with water.

“Do you mind?” Theresa said, not exactly friendly, before she grabbed a fluffy white towel and started drying herself off.

“No, I don’t mind,” Eric said and smiled, as he moved in close to her and slid his hands around her waist, while he pressed his firming cock into her soft fur, as he strained and angled just enough, and felt his giant cockhead squeeze inside her wet and slippery pussy hole.

“Do you mind?” she repeated, a little more irritated, as she tried to wriggle free.

Eric smirked, letting her go.

Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 15A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 15


It was mid-morning of their third free day when all hell was about to break loose.

Eric was utterly shocked, and stressed beyond measure, as he stood there, naked and trembling, over Sabrina, who was still fast asleep, without a care in the world, with only her beautiful face peeking up from within her billowy bluffs of blankets.

However, with her son so near, and his big cock, which, until a few minutes ago had been marinating in Theresa’s sweet pussy, then Theresa’s sweet mouth, creating just about the most irresistible aroma, Sabrina’s mouth started watering before she even woke, making her whimper and turn about, and finally open her eyes, as she found her son standing there, naked and trembling, and by extension, his semi-hard big and beautiful cock trembling, which was all, at the moment, with it being morning, and her being ever so thirsty, she was concerned with.

She immediately reached, enough so she could wrap her arms around her son’s ass, while she wrapped her lips around his cockhead, pushing her soft and silky lips hard down the length of his semi-hard cock, sucking him just as hard as she could, as he blew up like a balloon in her mouth and down her throat, while she, in only her still soaking wet pink panties, scooted up to the edge of the bed, rewrapping her arms around her son’s ass, while she hooked her feet around his thighs, as she continued to bob like a lunatic up and down her son’s now absolutely raging long and thick cock.

Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 16A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 16


Knock knock.

The hotel room door opened, and standing there was the man, as in the man and woman, or more like the woman, who complained with all the venom she could muster to the hotel attendant about Eric and Sabrina, or more like Sabrina, who was making all those sex-sounds all night long and insisted he move them to the other side of the hotel, which he did, here, in this hotel room.

It was minutes before noon of their third free day, and Eric and Sabrina were desperately trying to remain free, hoping like hell to somehow extend their getaway gone wrong with yet another getaway, on top of the one already in progress.

“Hello,” the man said.

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“Hello,” Sabrina said, giving him a very sexy and sweet smile, as she stood there in her low-cut green t-shirt, which did very little to hide her massive bosom and alarming amount of cleavage, and her short shorts, which did very little to hide her long and absolutely perfect legs.

“Hi.” He gulped.

“I was wondering when we might get to see your handsome face again. So, tell me, where’s your very beautiful wife?”

The man, for a second, was wondering what beautiful wife she was referring to. But then smiled and nodded, remembering. “She’s in the bathroom.”

“Perfect.” Then Sabrina turned and nodded at Eric, who was standing by, there on the walkway, and struggling mightily to hold his bag and his mother’s absolute jam-packed and over-flowing suitcase.

And then, with the littlest – some might even say non-existent – invitation, Eric and Sabrina went in.

Read More

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 17A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 17


It was mid-afternoon of their third free day.

Eric and Sabrina were minutes away from embarking on the second wave of their getaway. But, before they could, there was the matter of paying for their car repairs.

As they stood there at Tucker’s Heap and Haul’s counter, while Old Man Tucker added up the bill, Eric was sweating, and not because his mother, who, seemingly, ever since he fucked her amazing pussy to completion, finally allowing himself to absolutely come undone inside her, was completely enamored with him, sticking to him, not unlike she was this very second, dangerously close, with her hands moving up and down his belly, both inside and outside of his shirt, while she kissed and licked his earlobe, but more so, because, in his hands, was the remains of their funds. 12.53.

“Okay,” Old Man Tucker said, more than a little distracted by Eric and Sabrina, or more like Sabrina’s over-the-top amorousness. “We got $412, even. And you two will be on your way.”

“Um. Yeah. Okay.” Eric said, counting and recounting the 12.53 over and over as if the eight bills, a five and seven ones, might start fucking each other and multiplying in his hand. But, alas, that hardly ever happens. So, no such luck.

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Suddenly, Old Man Tucker couldn’t give two shits about the drop-dead gorgeous woman who couldn’t keep her hands off this obviously much younger man. He was suddenly much more concerned about Eric and his five and seven ones.

“Mom, I need a credit card,” Eric said, probably a little too loud.

After hearing this young man call this woman, who was obviously in heat, Mom, Old Man Tucker raised his eyebrows.

Mom?” Eric said again, a little more desperate, trying to break the spell his body, apparently, was casting on her.

What?” she said, equally desperate, wondering what all the fuss was about and why they weren’t already in the car and on their way, so she could finally have her way with her son and her son’s big cock again.

“A credit card. Mom, I need a credit card.”

“I thought you said we couldn’t use credit cards.”

“I did. But, now, we have to.”


“Why do you think?” He held up the 12.53 in his hand.

“That’s not enough?” Sabrina asked, almost as if her extreme horniness had made her forget how money works.

“Does this look like $412?” He glared at her.

“No,” she said, glaring right back at him, though, somehow, she still wasn’t sure, but thought, alas, she might go ahead and retrieve her pocketbook anyway, leaving him just long enough to scurry over to their suitcase and bag and bend over, making her big round ass in her jean shorts look even bigger and rounder, as she dug into Eric’s bag and got her pocketbook and handed it to him. “Here. Happy?

“Ecstatic.” He took it and stepped back up to the counter.

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A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 18A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 18


It was still mid-afternoon of their third free day.

Thanks to finding the very last working credit card in Sabrina’s purse, Eric and Sabrina were able to pay for their car repairs and were now free to go, finally ready to begin the second wave of their getaway.

But, before they could go, Eric assumed the unenviable task of coaxing Sabrina’s rather unruly behemoth, lingerie-packed suitcase into the car trunk, which, after considerable effort and considerable energy, he was, quite miraculously, able to do. And as soon as he did, Eric stood up, stretching his sore back.

While he stood and stretched, Eric peered inside the car window, finding his mother, who was sitting in the passenger’s side seat, just as she finished wriggling out of her tight green shirt, then her jean shorts, and then her bra and panties. Though he could only see a glimpse here and there of his mother’s big bouncy boobs, those few fleeting glimpses were enough to make his freshly drained cock convince itself it wasn’t at all freshly drained, proving on the spot that mind over matter also pertained to cocks, as it perked up almost immediately, making room scarce inside his jeans, as he started to move, rather gingerly, with both a sore back and giant cock smarting in his jeans, using the car for support, as he ventured toward the driver’s side door.

Not even a second after Eric slid into the car, Sabrina slid onto him, straddling him, as she, no doubt, felt the strong impression his already rock-hard cock was making on her thoroughly soaked pussy, compelling her to immediately start kissing his lips and shoving her tongue practically down his throat, giving him little choice but to just sit there and take it, letting his mother’s ADHD tongue drill him, while he melted into the seat.

Mom?” Eric finally managed to say.

What?” Sabrina said quickly, so quick she didn’t even bother to wait for a response, as she shoved her tongue right back down her son’s throat, while someone or something, more than likely Sabrina’s feverish hands, managed to unearth her son’s now absolutely raging rock-hard cock, which was almost immediately swallowed up inside her hungry pussy.

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A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 19A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 19


It was the early evening of Eric and Sabrina’s third free day.

There in the backseat, buried amongst a mound of his mother’s discarded clothes, mostly lingerie, Eric woke to the lights of an endless row of outlet stores stabbing into his eyes. He gasped, shooting up to sitting position. Then, he stretched to the front seat and began feverishly running his fingers over the cushions, as he searched for the bank envelope full of money. Then, to his horror, he found it. Empty.

“Shit shit shit shit!” Eric exclaimed, as he, without thinking, pushed the car door open, causing an avalanche of he and a ton of his mother’s clothes, mostly lingerie, to spill out onto the parking lot. “Shit!” He scurried to his feet, and after returning his mother’s clothes to the mound of clothes in the backseat, he wheeled around to the outlet stores and tried to guestimate exactly how much damage his mother could have done in – he referenced the clock on the corner building of the outlet stores – concluding he’d been out of it for about an hour and a half, which made him sigh, as he surmised his mother could do quite a lot of damage in that little amount of time.

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After a quick scan of all the stores, Eric narrowed in on three in particular, all three known for, what else, lingerie. He made a beeline to the first one, and after a quick search inside, during which he received more than his fair share of curious, sometimes suspicious eyes from the various women inside, he deduced his mother wasn’t in there, at least not anymore. So, he ventured onto the next one, where he received even more curious, sometimes suspicious eyes from the various women inside, none of which belonging to his mother. So, onto the third, and there, before he could even get halfway through the store, his search was derailed, as he was abruptly paralyzed by a familiar, more like unforgettable voice.

Eric?” the woman’s unmistakable voice, full of curious surprise, said.

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A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 20A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 20


It was still the early evening of Eric and Sabrina’s third free day.

There, at perhaps the highest point in the White Mountains, in the middle of an outlet clothing store, quite literally, not even in a changing room, mind you, but rather mostly out in the open, even if they were mostly obscured by a glut of clothing racks and clothing displays, in particular, lingerie, Eric and his Aunt Lillian were locked in yet another one of their patented, and penetrable embraces, with his hands cemented to her hips, providing all the leverage he needed, as he and his rock-hard cock, reinforced, not unlike that fateful first night with his aunt many weeks prior, with an armor-like coating, in the shape of his thick wet jeans, was shoving harder and harder into her hot and wet pussy, protected, also not unlike that fateful night, by the thinnest of thin barriers, this time in the shape of her soaking wet panties, or, technically, the outlet store’s soaking wet panties, given the fact that she hadn’t actually purchased them, not yet, but was merely trying them on, quite intensely, and, essentially, testing them, for their durability and most definitely their elasticity, on who else other than her nephew and her nephew’s big cock, amounting to very little protection, if any at all, as this thinnest of thin barriers was continuously, thanks in large part to her nephew and her nephew’s big cock pounding nonstop deeper and deeper into her, getting utterly pulverized, and utterly stretched, which, actually, boded quite well for the pair of panties’ elasticity, stretching deeper and deeper inside her watery pussy, getting this particular prospective pair of silky red and black panties quite familiar with their prospective owner, probably a bit more familiar than the outlet clothing store might have liked.

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A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 21A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 21


It was nearly midnight of Eric and Sabrina’s fourth free night, when they arrived at Eric’s Aunt Lillian’s little cottage resort in the Green Mountains.

Eric was nearly dead from the long and somewhat entrancing 2-hour-long drive, not to mention the long and somewhat entrancing 2-hour-long blowjob, compliments of his mother, that is, if you can call what she was doing a blowjob, which was more like slipping in and out of consciousness for 2 hours straight with her sweet and luscious lips wrapped around her son’s big cock. Regardless, whatever it was, it had absolutely drained Eric of any amount of energy he might have had left, but not hardly of any cum, since, at no point during their arduous journey from the White to the Green Mountains had he actually come in his mother’s mouth, but, instead, tip-toed around the very precipice of coming like a complete madman nearly a trillion times over.

Once Lillian pulled in and parked her car, after a quick wave back at her favorite nephew, who had parked his car next to hers, she hurried inside the cottage office, and a moment later popped out again, and then made her way over to her favorite nephew’s car, finding him looking rather out-of-it and rather disoriented, as his spacy glossed-over eyes found her, and she found him with what appeared to be a pile of clothes, mostly lingerie on his lap and strewn across to the passenger’s side seat.

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A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 22A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 22


It was the early afternoon of Eric and Sabrina’s fourth free day, and Eric was nearly comatose, despite the fact that his big thick cock couldn’t be more awake, as he lied in his little bed, in one of his Aunt Lillian’s Green Mountain resort cottages, while his mom Sabrina was busy driving all the dads, and probably all the sons, but most definitely all the moms and daughters, crazy at the rec center pool, with her extremely skimpy peekaboo one-piece bathing suit.

After taking a few hours away to refresh with a long hot shower, but more so than anything to calm down, which was something a woman with such a hot temper needed to do from time to time, Lillian returned to her resort, pulling in right next to her sister and nephew’s car.

As soon as Lillian turned her car off, she noticed some folks leaving the rec center rather hurriedly, mostly women, and most of them with a disgusted look on their face, or just an embarrassed giggle. Lillian rolled her eyes. She had a pretty good idea as to the cause for this mass exodus, but she figured she better check it out all the same. So, she hopped out of her car and started over to the rec center.

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A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 23A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 23


It was the afternoon of Eric and Sabrina’s fourth free day, and Eric was currently coming like crazy deep up inside his Aunt Lillian’s very clever pussy, and Sabrina, who just returned from the pool, was smiling ear to ear after seeing her son’s big cock filling this mystery woman’s pussy, inspiring her to start shedding her bathing suit as she hurried over to join them.

Without hesitation, Sabrina extended to slide her fingertips around whoever’s big round hips these were, finding whoever’s bulging clitoris it was, and immediately starting to play her favorite song, and quite mercilessly, just as Sabrina craned her head around to finally see who this mysterious woman, only to realize at that precise second she was none other than her arch-nemesis, her big sister Lillian.

Lillian!?” Sabrina cried out in bloody murder, immediately forgoing her favorite song in favor of grabbing her sister’s pussy, while, at the same time, trying to avoid harming her son’s big precious cock.

Sabrina, fuck!” Lillian cried out in bloody mass murder, or at least the murder of her poor pussy, immediately sliding her fingers around her sister’s fingers, trying to get her to let go.

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A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 24A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 24


It was the late afternoon of Eric and Sabrina’s fourth free day when they were walking hand in hand back to their cottage.

Once they arrived at the door, Eric stopped and turned to his mother. “Okay, Mom, are you sure you’re okay with this…?” Eric said, as he slid a hand around her side, slipping his fingers down inside the back of his mother’s bathing suit, to get a handful of her big fluffy ass.

Mm-hmm…” Sabrina said, sighing lightly as she clung to her son’s body. “As long as you always keep me first and foremost in your heart and on your cock.” On the words on your cock, she slid her fingers down inside his jeans and squeezed his big thick cock.

Yes… I will…” Eric grimaced, scanning the world around them, just in case anybody might be happening by.

“Then, Eric, honey, you and this big yummy cock of yours have nothing to worry about.” Sabrina smiled, as her crystal-blue eyes shimmered in the sunlight, before she suddenly turned and twisted the doorknob open and hurried inside.

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