Luca Satana


Luca Satana

Luca Satana puts the incest erotica in Legion of Filth, so if this happens to be your taboo of choice, you can’t go wrong with a Luca Satana title. Best sellers have been The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn, A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong, Taking Care Of Grandma, Aunt Sarah’s Answer To Everything, In Addition To Everything Else Going On In My Life Now I Have To Get My Mom Pregnant Too!, Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive and of course Luca’s Naughty Bits series.

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn: Tall Thin Peter Flynn, who was quite popular among his family members, first for being the only boy in the rather large family, and second for possessing, ever since a child, an abnormally long and skinny cock, has finally, to everyone’s sheer delight, turned 18! And right there to celebrate the occasion are his mean and controlling mother and his wild and wide-eyed sisters. In most families, this would be a joyous, yet harmless affair. For the Flynns, well, this was going to be anything but harmless. This was going to be downright hardcore. WARNING: THIS EBOOK CONTAINS INCEST! LOT’S OF MOTHER-FUCKING INCEST! LITERALLY!

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Eric Brennan was a handsome 18 year old young man who really wanted to help his mother. He knew his father was no good for his mother. He was mean. Abusive. Controlling. In fact, the only good thing he ever did for her was fuck her. A lot. Eric knew this from all the years growing up in the house and hearing them going at it. Especially his mother, who was a particularly loud lover. And so, Eric decided he would confront his mother on Spring Break. First thing he did was pack his suitcase and his mother’s suitcase. Then he took a deep breath and approached his mother. Sabrina Brennan was a very pretty and very sweet 41 year old woman. But she needed help. The sad thing was she didn’t even realize it. Not until that fateful day when her son pointed it out to her. Suddenly her eyes were opened. And so, she agreed. Finally, they were off!

Taking Care Of Grandma: I guess I didn’t know what they meant by taking care of Grandma. It’s not that I had anything against Grandma. Quite the contrary. In fact, out of everyone else in the family, my Grandma was the one I always had the strongest connection to. Even if, over the last few years, that connection had somewhat faded. In spite of what everyone might think, Grandma always seemed like a pretty nice person. Pretty fun, too. So, basically, I guess what I’m trying to say is taking care of Grandma wasn’t exactly something I was opposed to. So, in the end, I decided to take the bull by the horns. In the end, ultimately, I decided to look at the situation from a whole different perspective, trying my best not to think of taking care of Grandma as a chore, but more like, well, a privilege. After all, taking care of Grandma wasn’t gonna be so bad. Grandma was pretty cute. And she had a great set of tits. And, from the looks of it, a nice, firm ass, too. So, yeah, maybe taking care of Grandma wasn’t gonna be so bad.

Aunt Sarah’s Answer To Everything: Guy Huffman’s world was crumbling around him. In the last year, he lost his job, his wife, and was sinking into full-blown depression. So, on his Aunt Sarah’s invitation, Guy and his daughter moved up to New Hampshire to live with her and her family. In Aunt Sarah’s mind, she had just the thing to bring her nephew out of his depression. Her answer to everything.

In Addition To Everything Else Going On In My Life Now I Have To Get My Mom Pregnant Too!: In addition to everything else going on in my life, with this being my senior year and having to get ready for college, I also have an alarming amount of homework, baseball, chess club, my job at the hardware store, and all my house chores, and now I have to get my mom pregnant, too! If you ask me, the whole thing is fucking bullshit!

Oggy Gobbins Comes Alive!: You really have to feel for a young man like Oggy Gobbins. Just 18 years old and he’s already given up on life. Well, can you blame him? Ever since his adolescence, Oggy’s had to beat his meat at least a couple times a day just to keep his exorbitant amount of cum at bey. After all these years, the task is just too great, his cum is just too great, and he’s ready to give up and just let his over-producing cum-filled balls take over. And if that means total cock blockage down below and imminent death, then so be it, because Oggy has decided he is never ever going to rub another one out as long as he lives. So, from now on, if anybody gives a shit, Oggy’s mom, his sisters, and whoever else is around, they’re just gonna have to do it for him, because Oggy has had enough!

My Mom And My Aunt Pretty Much Rule The Bathroom: Growing up, Mathew Harrington didn’t think much of it. He figured everybody’s parents were a little off. He figured everybody’s parents do some weird thing the rest of the family had to suffer. In his parent’s case, or more specifically his mother Louise’s case, along with his Aunt Beatrix, well, their weird thing was they never left the bathroom, or more specifically the bathtub.

Helping Aunt Bethany Learn How To Swallow: Bethany was a very beautiful 38-year-old woman, a very beautiful 38-year-old Christian woman, as she often liked to interject when describing herself. She never really dabbled in sex too much. She was waiting for the right man. The right god-fearing Christian man. As a result, she never learned how to swallow. And this bothered her. She knew she probably shouldn’t let something like that bother her, but it did. So, the next time her 18-year-old nephew Darren came over, she thought she might ask him to help her with this. Darren, who wasn’t Christian at all, or not really, well, maybe a little, and who always had the silliest little misplaced crush on his very cute aunt, agreed without a second thought.

And That’s Why You Should Never Let Your Extremely Hot And Horny Completely Naked Daughter Sleep With You: Like many men in the world, Timothy Carmichael is plagued with an extremely hot and horny 18-year-old daughter living under his roof. To make matters worse, his daughter prefers to sleep naked. And to make matters even more worse, his daughter prefers to sleep with him in his bed, even more so since Timothy’s wife left them. Now, the only question is how long can Timothy fight off his daughter? Especially with her being so hot and so horny and so naked and so readily available right there in front of him? Like many young women in the world, Gwendolyn Carmichael is plagued with an extremely hot and horny 43-year-old father living under her roof. To make matters worse, her father has an enormous cock. And to make matters even more worse, ever since her mother left them, her father has been asking Gwen if she would like to sleep with him in his bed. Now, the only question is how long can Gwen fight off her father? Especially with him being so hot and horny and so big-cocked and so sad and pathetic it’s breaking Gwen’s heart to see her father in such a miserable way?

Mom Can I Please Hump You?: Ever since Draden Peacock could remember, he’s had a crush on his mother. How could he not? She was just as cute as can be. So fun. So full of life. And so, naturally, when Draden became a man, the one thing he wanted on the planet, above all else was, well, his mother. Ever since Audrey Peacock could remember, she’s had a little bit of a crush on her son. How could she not? He was just as cute as can be. So fun. So full of life. And so, naturally, when Draden became a man, the one thing she wanted on the planet, above all else, was to give him anything he wanted. Anything at all. And that’s how you end up with a series as sick and crazy and sexy as this one. Enjoy.

I Think My Mom Is In Love With My Cock: Something is definitely up with my mom. It all started when my mom came into my room to wake me up for school and found me with morning wood. Yeah. Embarrassing. But what happened after was even more embarrassing. And now, I think my Mom is in love with my cock.

I Literally Cannot Stop Fucking My Grandma: Jordan Masse is a handsome freshly turned 18-year-old young man with dark eyes and dark hair, medium height and rather thin build. In almost every way, Jordan is a very normal young man. However, as of late, he’s developed a bit of a problem. He is absolutely and utterly obsessed with and eternally turned on by his crazy sexy grandma. Harriet Delhomme is a very beautiful 59-year-old woman with dark eyes and auburn hair, short and somewhat shapely. Given Jordan’s growing problem, the last few times his grandma has come to visit, he’s either hid away in his room pretending to be sick or gone out pretending to be too busy to see her. However, he can’t go on doing this. After all, he really loves his grandma and can’t stand the idea of her thinking otherwise. So, tonight, Jordan has decided to face his fears. He’s decided to go to his grandma’s room and come clean, about everything. Why he’s been avoiding her for the last several months. And who knows, once he finally tells her, maybe they’ll both have a good laugh about it. Perhaps she’ll even have a solution. Perhaps something he hasn’t even thought about. Or, perhaps her solution will be to do exactly what he’s been thinking about doing to her, nonstop, for the last several months. Perhaps then he can finally get it all out of his system. Or, perhaps, it could make his problem much much worse.

Reilly/Reilly (A Sex-Spattered Police Procedural Romp To The Umpth Degree): Detective Max Reilly is on his way out, while his daughter Detective Chickadee Reilly is on her way in, but before each one can settle into their new positions, they have to learn to work together, and fuck together, since fucking, as I’m sure you already know, is always a huge part of every police procedural series, and this one is no different.

A Strict Grandpa-Granddaughter Diet: Jack and Beatrice are being ridiculous. They know they shouldn’t be doing the things they’re doing but they’re doing them anyway. Beatrice knows, no matter how much she’s craving cum, she shouldn’t be nursing on her grandpa’s cock. And, likewise, Jack knows, in exchange, no matter how much he’s craving mother’s milk, he shouldn’t be nursing on his granddaughter’s mammoth breasts. But that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s madness! And there’s nothing you or I or anybody else in the family can do about it!

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Family (Mother’s Days, Aunt Lily’s Nights): One doesn’t just start doing this sort of thing. Or at least I didn’t. It was just something I feel I simply fell into. In fact, I’m almost certain there was only one way this whole thing could have ever ended up. And it’s with that realization that I finally learned how to stop worrying and love my family. Hopefully this helps. Yours truly, Fisher. My mom is really cool. A really great woman. But she’s unlucky. My father passed when I was pretty young. Since then, my mom’s been mostly single, with a few losers peppered in here and there. Now, my mom is working nights. Third shift. She likes it. Especially the pay raise. But she can’t sleep. She’s always been a light sleeper, but adding the fact that she needs to sleep during the day isn’t helping her sleep. So, after trying a million things, pills, reading, eating, anything to sleep, she’s now looking to me to help her sleep. Like my mom, my Aunt Lily is really cool. Maybe even cooler, if it weren’t for her trying so hard all the time. My aunt never married. Well, let’s not say never just yet. Who knows, she might get lucky one of these days. But probably not if she continues to pursue weird-ass fuck-heads on the other side of globe or on some other unattainable plane altogether. To me, my aunt’s warped little love affairs are just a microcosm of what’s wrong with her, which is her inability to see what’s right in front of her, to relax, and accept the world as it is, all around her, namely herself, and her own vivid awesomeness. Instead, my aunt puts herself in this endlessly spinning hamster wheel, ever-striving, reaching, wanting, trying, for the ever-elusive more, which, in the end, usually leaves her alone or just plain lonely. And I guess, that’s where I come in.

Wit And Wile And Their Mother’s Amazing Pussy: Wit and Wile Goode were beautiful 18-year-old twin brother and sister, with picturesque dark features, and young and taut bodies. To their knowledge, they were the sole product of their starkly strange 35-year-old mother Willa Goode, who appeared to be the one who gave them their picturesque dark features, as well as their own degree of strangeness. Although Wit and Wile always had an inkling of their mother’s strangeness, they never believed her to be as strange as all their little friends or all their little enemies used to tell them, sometimes in some very not nice ways. However, on this night, this being the eve of their 18th birthday, that was all about to change. Tonight, as the clock struck midnight, they were going to come face to face with the full spectrum of their mother’s strangeness, when she, not unlike she had a thousand nights before, found herself in the throes of yet another acute and aching fiery need to be extinguished, and instead of utilizing this or that device to douse her flames, she planned to use her children, her son Wit, in particular, to finally, and properly, extinguish her acute and aching fiery need, once and for all.

Pimping My Mom: There comes a time in every young man’s life when he meets the perfect young woman and falls in love and asks her to move in with him and she does and everything is absolutely perfect and then his always horny mother, who was incarcerated, finally comes home and the young lovers have no choice but to pimp out the young man’s always horny mother, in order to preserve their perfect, perfect love. Amen.

When My Mom Left To Go Find Herself She Found A Busty Nudist Free Spirit Living In A Log Cabin: After I turned 18, and then, shortly after, graduated from high school, I was given a mission. Go find mom, wherever she might be, and by any means necessary, if the gods will allow it, convince her to come back home. It took me all of a month to find her. I tracked her down to a log cabin in the woods. There, I came face to face with the woman my mom found, when she left us to go find herself almost a year ago. Apparently, this new woman was a busty nudist free spirit, in almost no way resembling my mom. And I have to say, after the initial shock, I think I very much like this new mom. Very much!

My Sister The Noncommittal Exhibitionist: I’m sure my little sister Flora didn’t expect to get away with it forever. You can’t go around stripping and prancing and flashing everyone in the house and not expect there to be repercussions. When she was a little girl, this sort of thing was kind of cute, but now that she was 18, the natives, meaning my dad Fellow and my brother Farmer, were getting more than a little restless, especially when Flora would start flashing her stuff, but then lose her nerve and stop flashing her stuff, with her constant cyclical teasing, sometimes even downright cruel noncommittal exhibitionism. Meanwhile, my dad and my brother were going absolutely bananas, wanting to see more, needing to see more, and more than that, wanting, needing Flora to follow through with even more, something like a quick blow or a quick poke. That’s what happens when you have a mom like ours. In contrast to Flora, my mom Felicia always liked to spoil us; my dad, my brother, and in particular, me Forest (not to be confused with that dimwit Forrest Gump, thank you very much – yeah, that went over really well in school), always giving us a not so quick blow or a not so quick poke, whenever we or she pleased, but never with more than one of us at once, which she believed was wrong. So, all things considered, Flora, with all her noncommittal exhibitionism, probably should have seen this one coming. A new family rule: Whenever Flora flashes one of us, we must, and I mean must, no discussion necessary, fuck her; mouth, pussy, or asshole. Right then and there.

The Mother-Fuckers Club: Tommy Pendleton was a very savvy, very put-together 18-year-old young man. Not your typical 18-year-old by any stretch of the imagination. However, this didn’t mean he wasn’t susceptible to the usual slings and arrows of teenage life, as far as the angst and alienation of high school. And it certainly didn’t help when his mother married some old rich fuck from New England and moved Tommy, midway through his senior year, away from all his friends, what little he had, and put him in a completely new environment. Tommy was not happy. And he was pissed. And he didn’t want to do anything the way he did before. He didn’t really have time, anyway. He just got to this school and didn’t know a soul. He wanted to take a completely different approach to basically everything, especially how he got pussy. And when his mother told him for the umpteenth time how sorry she was for uprooting him away from all his friends and everything he ever knew in life and how she would do anything to help ease his transition into his new school and his new life, Tommy finally decided to take his mother up on her offer. And thus, laid the groundwork for what would eventually become The Mother-Fuckers Club.

Luca’s Naughty Bits: Luca’s Naughty Bits is a series of short and sweet erotic tales. Some are stand alone stories, while some will be continuations. Eventually, there will be loads of these Luca’s Naughty Bits stories and you’ll be able to grab one or two at a time or go for the whole sha-bang when they’re published in bulk. So be on the lookout for more Luca’s Naughty Bits!


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