Mom Boost

Mom Boost: Episode 1 (Joe Boosting His Mom Kimberly)

Mom Boost: Episode 1 (Joe Boosting His Mom Kimberly)Mom Boost

Joe’s mom Kimberly has always had a hard time getting up in the morning. That is, until one morning, when Joe decided to give his mom a boost. To his utter shock and surprise, it worked. And now, Joe believes all a mom needs in the morning is a mom boost.

Mom Boost: Episode 1 (Joe Boosting His Mom Kimberly)Mom Boost: Episode 1


“Mom?” Joe said, looking down at his near-comatose mom Kimberly slumbering away in her bed.

With nothing more than a whine, Kimberly turned over to her belly.

Despite her near-dead appearance, Kimberly’s obvious beauty remained a constant. The term sleeping beauty comes to mind. She was 38-years-old and still stunning, with big blue eyes, long blond hair, and a very slim body. If there was any fault attached to her appearance, it might be that she was too skinny, giving her small tits, but ample curves around her hips. Presently, she was in a white tank-top and panties. Kimberly was generally a happy woman, but locked in an unwinnable war with the morning, and with sleep, making her utterly worthless before 10am. She was married with one son. Read More


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