A Strict Grandpa-Granddaughter Diet

A Strict Grandpa-Granddaughter Diet: Episode 1

A Strict Grandpa-Granddaughter Diet: Episode 1A Strict Grandpa-Granddaughter Diet

Jack and Beatrice are being ridiculous. They know they shouldn’t be doing the things they’re doing but they’re doing them anyway. Beatrice knows, no matter how much she’s craving cum, she shouldn’t be nursing on her grandpa’s cock. And, likewise, Jack knows, in exchange, no matter how much he’s craving mother’s milk, he shouldn’t be nursing on his granddaughter’s mammoth breasts. But that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s madness! And there’s nothing you or I or anybody else in the family can do about it!

A Strict Grandpa-Granddaughter Diet: Episode 1A Strict Grandpa-Granddaughter Diet: Episode 1


To say the least, Jack was quite shocked to see his granddaughter in such a way. Completely gorgeous. Completely naked. And completely dripping with milk. So, he just sort of stood there. He was so shocked, in fact, he didn’t even realize his cock, which had been mostly dormant since the Reagan administration, was reaching out of his boxers, growing long and thin and slick and dribbling with precum.

And that just happened to be the moment Beatrice came to, and right away eyed her grandpa eyeing her. And, surprisingly, she wasn’t all that surprised at all. Or put off. In fact, when she got an eyeful of her grandpa’s long and thin and slick cock, and then focused on his dribbling precum, she realized at that precise moment how much she was craving some fresh cum, or at least as fresh as a 140-year-old man’s cum could be.



“Can I blow you?”

“Excuse me?”

“It’ll be really quick,” Beatrice said, sitting up straight.

At that, Jack finally noticed his cock sticking out of his boxers. “Oh my.” Read More

A Strict Grandpa-Granddaughter Diet: Episode 2A Strict Grandpa-Granddaughter Diet: Episode 2


As Meredith, Beatrice’s mother, who looked very similar to Beatrice, but with perhaps half the boobage, appeared in the doorway, her face was absolutely filled to the brim with confusion, brought on by finding her daughter, who, to no fault of her own, was looking just as beautiful as ever, and just as undeniably sexual as ever, given that, due to her doctor’s orders, she wasn’t wearing a bra, so her Pink t-shirt was doing very little to mute her big breasts and beaming nipples, which, to make matters worse, were leaking with fresh milk, creating almost a wet t-shirt contest effect, while she sat there, trying to look as innocent as possible, next to her grandpa, who was apparently unconscious. “Beatrice?” Meredith said, laced with probably a tad too much accusation in her voice than necessary. “What are you doing? And what are you doing in Grandpa’s room?”

“Nothing!” Beatrice said, a bit perturbed and a bit flustered, not unlike every other time in life when her mother caught her or almost caught her doing something bad. Read More


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