Dad Addict

Dad Addict: Episode 1

Dad Addict

Dad Addict: Episode 1Hoot Hannigan has a problem. His daughter Brandy is addicted to him. And not in a good way. Brandy, apart from being addicted to her father, is also a fragile sort, and so it is very important to make her feel like this is okay, including all the women in Hoot’s life. And that’s a lot of women, a lot of women to carry on this rather challenging charade, the normalizing of a dad addict.

Dad Addict: Episode 1Dad Addict: Episode 1


Hoot was fast asleep in bed when he woke to just about the coolest way to wake up, which was, of course, with his big monster cock in his wife Helena’s very soft and sweet, and very capable mouth. Considering all the dreams he’d been dreaming about Loni Anderson all night long, he knew it wasn’t going take long. And just when he was almost there, his wife slipped her lips off his blazing red cockhead.

“Hoot?” Helena whispered.

“What?” Hoot whispered, almost whining.

“Were you about to come?”


“Silly, I knew you were about to come,” she said, amused.

“Shit, then why’d you stop?” he said, glaring at her, and then up at the gray morning light.

“Because, I want you to do me and the girls a big favor?”

“What? Why are you talking about this now?”

“It’s related.”


“Well, as you know, Brandy is now 18.”

“So. Honey, please, finish blowing me.”

“Wait a minute,” she said, giving his big cock a nice squeeze and licking up the little bit of precum that came dribbling down from the tip. “Mmm…”

“Oh, fuck, Hel, you’re driving me fucking crazy,” he said, setting a hand on the back of her head to try and coax her to finish him.

“Sorry, Hoot. Not just yet.” Read More

Dad Addict: Episode 2Dad Addict: Episode 2


For Hoot, something about the way his daughter Brandy was sucking his cock, with seemingly no goal in mind, or skill, not like his wife Helena sucked his cock, with one singular goal, and that was, of course, to make him come, hard, and yield as much scrumptious cum as she possibly could, it was easy for Hoot to lose track of time. So, in a near coma, Hoot continued to lie there, and lie there, in the same position he had been, while Brandy took turns lying with him, and then with his big cock, sometimes cuddling with both of them, and sometimes just sucking on his cock, licking the shaft around and around, kissing it, even hugging it.

Eventually, it was getting to the point, especially after he realized he had missed the first few meetings at work, and Brandy, more than likely, had missed the first few classes at school, that they might as well linger there even longer. Read More


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