A Hungry Mom To Feed

A Hungry Mom To Feed: Episode 1

A Hungry Mom To Feed: Episode 1A Hungry Mom To Feed

Myron’s painfully cute and cuddly 36-year-old mom Kitty didn’t like to leave the house. So, she didn’t. In fact, she didn’t even like to leave her room. So, for the most part, she didn’t. Nor did she like to dress. So, except for maybe when she was really chilly and didn’t have a choice in the matter, she didn’t. Nor did she ever have the inclination to get something to eat. So, inexplicably, she didn’t. In fact, the only things she liked to do is lie around in bed or on her sofa, maybe take a gander outside, spend exorbitant amounts of time in the shower, then beautify herself, only to lie around some more, and, almost always, in the midst of any of these activities, Kitty would paw her pussy, and lick her fingers while doing so, which seemed to be her only food source.

That is, apart from her well-meaning, well-behaved, loyal to a fault 23-year-old son Myron, who worked tirelessly as a traveling medical records collator for a microfilm company, often away for days at a time, during which he was constantly fantasizing about sex, or even having sex, but never ever coming, reminding himself, and maybe even reminding the girl he was with, usually his extremely sweet and extremely married coworker Tammy, he had a hungry mouth to feed at home, never going as far as to tell the girl he was with, usually Tammy, what he actually had, was a hungry mom to feed.

A Hungry Mom To Feed: Episode 1A Hungry Mom To Feed: Episode 1


Full of trepidation, not to mention intermittent god-awful pain emanating from his balls area, Myron sighed, perspiring lightly, while hoping, but not praying – he wasn’t that desperate, not yet – that this plate of food would do the trick. It was made up of all the things his mom Kitty was still willing to eat, which wasn’t much at all.

In recent years, as Kitty’s neuroses intensified, so did her diet, whittling down more and more what she was willing to put in her mouth, until, now, which was only yogurt, cottage cheese, some fruit, and even fewer vegetables, which were all represented on this plate, this last plate.

Myron’s next work trip was the next day. And given his inability to get his mom to eat anything else, this plate had to do the trick. If it didn’t, there was no way he was going to be able to go on this trip, not when his mom hadn’t eaten for days.

“Mom?” Myron said, tapping his knuckle lightly on his mom’s door, before, perhaps in anticipation of what he might find on the other side, his cock and balls smarted in his jeans, making him wince, until he gave them a quick squeeze for relief.

“Myron? Is that you?” Kitty said, sounding pleased, but also very tired, or maybe just incredibly weak.

“Yes, I’m coming in. Are you decent?”

“Yes, Myron,” she said, almost sounding amused, if she wasn’t so weak. “Mommy’s always decent.”

Of course Myron knew what that meant, it was getting to be an old joke by now. He rolled his eyes, deciding not to make his mom’s likely nakedness an issue this time, hoping if he gave up the battle on this front, he might win the war, and that was, of course, to somehow someway get his mom to eat something, anything, as he was running out of time. So, he gulped back his nerves and turned the doorknob and entered with the plate of food. Read More

A Hungry Mom To Feed: Episode 2A Hungry Mom To Feed: Episode 2


Surprisingly, Myron was able to shower and dress and drive over to the microfilm plant without even an inkling of reflection on what happened with his mom.

However, as soon as the trip was underway, and Myron was sitting there, basically trapped, in the back of the company van, along with a handful of his coworkers, he eyed Tammy, in all her sweetness, and all her marriedness, eventually dropping his eyes down to her luscious lips, and suddenly, all he could see was his mom Kitty and her equally, if not more so, luscious little lips and talented little tongue. And, basically, that’s pretty much all-she-wrote, as far as Myron’s mind, for the rest of the trip.

By the time they got to the hospital and started collating files to be microfilmed, his cock and balls were absolutely buzzing with an absolute want and desire to be drained.

And so, during their lunch break, while they were sliding their trays along the cafeteria line, Myron told Tammy as much. “I need to come…” Myron whispered desperately in her ear.

Tammy beamed, and not even a second later, grabbed his hand and pulled him away, leaving their half-filled trays wherever they were in line.

In a nearby family-size bathroom, which was designated for changing babies and the like, Tammy was going to town on Myron’s overripe 9-inch cock, but to no avail.

After almost fifteen minutes of nonstop bobbing up down his enormous cock, Tammy unmouthed him. “Myron, where’s this cum I’ve been hearing about?”

Myron was too gone to answer.

“At this point, I would have to say I’ve pretty much sacrificed my lunch for this,” she said, as she drew her fingertips along his saliva-soaked, trembling cock. “So, whatever you can give me will have to pass for my lunch.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what the problem is.”

Tammy shrugged and returned to his big cock, this time adding her pumping fists in hopes of procuring her lunch.

Unbelievably, after ten more minutes, Myron said, “We better go.”

“Are you kidding me?” Tammy said, almost whining up at him. As she returned once more, bobbing and jerking him twice as hard, but still to no avail. Read More


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