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The Legion of Filth Quarterly: First Issue Inception To Fall 2014 Including 19 Stories Incest EroticaLegion Of Filth Catalog

The Legion Of Filth Catalog feature erotic stories from Tura Brasi, Byzantine Thomas, Gidea Zammis, and Joy Boycrazy, with the prime focus on best-seller Luca Satana.

The Legion Of Filth Quarterly: Second Issue (Winter 2015 Including 18 Stories) Incest EroticaTura Brasi: Tura Brasi (formerly known as Luca Satana) has been having very very bad thoughts for many years now and only recently decided to put these very very bad thoughts on the internet for all to see. Hopefully, you will enjoy his brand of very very bad thoughts. Warning: Tura Brasi’s writings often involve incest. So, if that’s not your cup of tea, tread lightly with Luca Satana’s erotic stories. Tura Brasi’s most successful erotic series are The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn and Tura’s Naughty Bits.

The Legion Of Filth Quarterly: Third Issue (Spring 2015 Including 16 Stories) Incest EroticaByzantine Thomas: Byzantine Thomas is an extraordinary scoundrel with a wicked imagination. He needs to be stopped! Or encouraged in every way. The best way to do this is by showing him your support. And the best way to show him your support is by purchasing his ebooks, specifically from one of his best selling series, The Amazing Mosely Untreu Sex Guide and Eldon And The Sorority House Zombie Apocalypse.

Gidea Zammis would like to bring a little more class to Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories. Enough with all this cum flying every which way, as in the case with Luca Satana and Byzantine Thomas titles. Gidea Zammis titles will be more story-driven, stylized, with a milder, more mature approach to the erotic story writing.

Joy Boycrazy is just that: Boycrazy. Joy may just be starting out but she has tons of naughty naughty thoughts in her head she would love to share with the world. So be sure and favorite her and collect all her boycrazy works.

Introducing the Legion Of Filth Catalog Quarterly, a new handy-dandy way to collect the Legion Of Filth catalog in chronological order in nice and neat quarterly increments. Be on the lookout for the next issue!

Legion Of Filth Erotic StoriesLegion Of Filth Erotic Stories

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