“Hey, what’s up? How was your day?”


“Hey, what’s up? How was your day?”

“Fine. Okay. I’m sick of school! I wish it was over already,” Heather said, rolling her eyes. “You’re so lucky.”

“Yeah. I don’t miss it at all.”

“I just wanna forget about school. Homework. Studying. College essays. Work. Everything for a little while. And do something wild. Something crazy.” Heather closed her eyes, sitting back a little, causing her jacket to open up and show her black and white tank top, which was filled to the brim with tons of juicy breast meat. Heather smiled up at her big brother. “You know what I mean?”

Help Ed Farley Get Fucked. What should he do next?

1. Whip it out.

2. Say: “No. Could you be more specific?”


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