Heather (Ed Farley’s Hot Little Sister)


Heather (Ed Farley's hot little sister) Incest Erotic Legion Of Filth

Heather (Ed Farley’s Hot Little Sister)

It was mid-afternoon. Ed was lying in bed. He was horny. As usual. The slightest impure thought was making his huge cock swell and his balls ache. And his mind was racing with impure thoughts.

Then he heard his hot little 18-year old sister Heather get home from school.

Though he could barely walk, Ed got up and hobbled down the stairs to go see her.

Heather was looking as hot as ever, with her big brown eyes and long brown hair. She was wearing her blue school jacket, dark jeans, and black heels. She was sitting in a chair by the stairs and finishing up a phone call.

Ed stood by, waiting. He was wearing his usual t-shirt and jeans. His cock raging. His balls screaming.

Finally, Heather was through with her call and slid her phone into her jacket pocket.

Help Ed Farley Get Fucked. What should he do next?

1. Say: “Hey, what’s up? I’m fucking horny.”

2. Say: “Hey, what’s up? How was your day?”

3. Say: “Hey, what’s up? I was wondering if you weren’t doing anything right now, if you could, well, help me with something. It might sound a little weird. But believe you me, I wouldn’t ask you unless it was absolutely necessary.”


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