“Got it.”


Abbie (Ed's Friend From High School)

“Got it.”

“Cool,” Alex said and nodded and sat down in front of Abbie. “All right, Ed, I’m not sure if you give a care, but Abbie’s got the cutest little titties. I for one would love to see them, so why don’t you go ahead and lift her top up.

Ed, full of nerves, did so, settling in behind Abbie and gently pulling her top up, revealing her mostly see-through white bra.

Abbie smiled.

Ed started to sweat.

“Go ahead and give them a squeeze,” Alex said.

Ed nodded, pausing to wipe his forehead, before settling in a little closer behind his best friend from high school. Then Ed slowly slid his hands around Abbie’s little breasts, giving them a nice squeeze.

“There you go,” Alex said. “Nice, huh?”

“Yeah,” Ed said, feeling his rock hard cock trying to dig its way out of his jeans.

Help Ed Farley Get Fucked. What should he do next?

1. Continue to go with the flow.

2. Now, whip it out.


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