Abbie (Ed’s Friend From High School)


Abbie (Ed's Friend From High School)

Abbie (Ed’s Friend From High School)

Ed hadn’t seen Abbie since high school. However, they always kept in touch. And though she invited him several times to come up to her college to see her, Ed never took her up on it. Mainly, because he was afraid. He didn’t really wanna drive two hours just to find out what he already knew. Abbie absolutely drove him crazy. More so than any other girl in the world. And Ed didn’t really like the idea of being two hours away from home and completely strung out – sexually, with nowhere to go, and absolutely ready to explode.

Ya see, Ed and Abbie were friend friends. Completely platonic, despite Ed’s wishes to the contrary. In high school, he was always her confidant. Her go-to sounding board whenever she wanted to vent about her latest boyfriend and how much of a jerk he was. And Ed would have to sit there and take it. Not once telling her how he really felt. Never daring to violate her trust.

And so, after a dozen invitations, Ed felt it was high time he finally accepted and go visit Abbie at her college. She was a junior, now. With, of course, a boyfriend. But she insisted it would be okay. That her new boyfriend wasn’t the jealous type. Especially after convincing her boyfriend that Ed was completely harmless, which, of course, made Ed feel two feet tall.

If she only knew how Ed really felt. And what he really wanted to do. And how much she drove him crazy. And how horny he’d been lately. And how much he wanted and needed to come. Bad. And ASAP.

Predictably, as soon as Ed arrived at Abbie’s dorm, they hit it off. Not a touch of weirdness. Within fifteen minutes time, they were talking and laughing it up just like old times.

Ed was loving it. What he wasn’t loving, however, was the fact that Abbie was looking as cute as ever and making him harder than ever.

Help Ed Farley Get Fucked. What should he do next?

1. Fuck it! Tell her how much he’s dying to fuck her.

2. Continue to play it cool. And who knows, maybe his balls won’t explode.

3. Whip it out.


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