Get Ed Farley Fucked


Get Ed Farley Fucked

Ed Farley was a nice enough guy. A bit nerdy. A bit turdy. You know. But gees, he does have a pretty big fucking wang! The problem is he’s got no game. No fucking clue how to get all these gorgeous girls in the world to notice him, and ultimately, fuck him. That’s where you come in.

For those of you who might remember Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Books, these erotic tales are in the same vein. Call it an adult Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, or should I say an EDventure! Just as long as you Get Ed Farley Fucked!

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Heather (Ed's Hot Little Sister) Incest Erotica Legion Of FilthHeather (Ed’s Hot Little Sister)

It was mid-afternoon. Ed was lying in bed. He was horny. As usual. The slightest impure thought was making his huge cock swell and his balls ache. And his mind was racing with impure thoughts.

Then he heard his hot little 18-year old sister Heather get home from school.

Though he could barely walk, Ed got up and hobbled down the stairs to go see her.

Heather was looking as hot as ever, with her big brown eyes and long brown hair. She was wearing her blue school jacket, dark jeans, and black heels. She was sitting in a chair by the stairs and finishing up a phone call. Read More

Abbie (Ed's Friend From High School)Abbie (Ed’s Friend From High School)(Under Construction)

Ed hadn’t seen Abbie since high school. However, they always kept in touch. And though she invited him several times to come up to her college to see her, Ed never took her up on it. Mainly, because he was afraid. He didn’t really wanna drive two hours just to find out what he already knew. Abbie absolutely drove him crazy. More so than any other girl in the world. And Ed didn’t really like the idea of being two hours away from home and completely strung out – sexually, with nowhere to go, and absolutely ready to explode.

Ya see, Ed and Abbie were friend friends. Completely platonic, despite Ed’s wishes to the contrary. In high school, he was always her confidant. Her go-to sounding board whenever she wanted to vent about her latest boyfriend and how much of a jerk he was. And Ed would have to sit there and take it. Not once telling her how he really felt. Never daring to violate her trust. Read More


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