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Moms Who Really Suck: Episode 3 (Caren) by Luca Satana

There are moms who really suck. Then there are moms who really really suck. Take Caren for instance, who wants to monitor her sons’ health by sucking them!

Moms Who Really Suck: Episode 3 (Caren)For whatever reason, these are moms who really suck. Or really don’t suck. Depending on how you look at it. Especially if you’re one of their sons. As in the case with my mom Caren, who believes she’s seen enough medical shows to know a thing or two about medicine and in her unprofessional opinion, nothing is going to maintain her three sons’ health better than monitoring whatever she can suck out of them on a daily basis.


My mom Caren is a bit of a know-it-all. But to be honest, what she knows, is, well, questionable at best. Take for instance the whacky theory she greeted me with early one morning in my bed.

“Mom, what are you getting at…?” I finally said, barely conscious, having surmised what she’d said thus far as no more than a bunch of crazy out-there medical gobbledygook.

“Sweetie, Mommy is trying to tell you,” my mom said, smiling, as she sat there on my bed, turning a little, as I realized all she was wearing was a white bra and panties, white stockings, and strangely, a doctor’s white lab coat, and even stranger, a stethoscope.

“Mom…?” I tried my best to wake up enough to properly field my mom’s latest delusional scheme. “What are you up to…?”

“No, Joshy, the better question is what are you up to?” She smiled, as I now realized my mom had moved my covers mostly off me, and she was gliding her fingertips all over my belly, and weirdly, in response, my cock, quite emphatically, was standing straight up, or at least as straight up as it could inside my boxers. “Do you mind if Mommy gets this?”

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