LOF New Release: Mom Driver: Episode 6

Mom Driver: Episode 6

Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories NEW RELEASE

Mom Driver: Episode 6 by Luca Satana

With some particularly withdrawn young men, all they need is a Mom Driver, and soon, they’ll be coming right out of that shell and inside their mom’s shell.

Mom Driver: Episode 6Could it be 19-year-old Leviathan Curtis has finally found something he’s interested in, truly interested in, to the point that the word obsession might apply? At this point, his parents would be happy to find anything their son was interested in. His mom Hannah Curtis, especially. Finding something for her son to be interested in has always been something of a futile enterprise. It’s just too bad for her, or too good for her, depending on how you look at it, what Levi is finally showing an interest in is Mom Driver.


A minute after that, Hannah took a towel to Levi’s wet body, making sure he was extra-dry from head to toe, and then sent him out to put on all the very same clothes he started the day with, except of course for his boxers which were soaked through and through with all her mad squirting earlier, and then told him to pop out his window and come back in the back door a new boy.

Then Hannah blow-dried her hair, slipped on her silk purple robe, and moved slowly and quietly through the hallway, before she decided to slip into Levi’s room, just to make sure he was following her instructions, which, of course, he wasn’t.

Once Hannah was in Levi’s room, she found him standing there in something of a daze, just staring across the room, into the closet, at the Mom Driver box, which, of course, housed the Mom Driver.

“Sweetie?” Hannah said softly, rather concerned, even though Levi was prone to catatonic states every now and then, regardless, she didn’t much like to see it, as she attempted to wake him by creeping up behind him and sliding her hand down the front of his boxers and wrapping her fingers around his big firming cock, which immediately popped out of his boxer slit, quickly outgrowing her reach, forcing her to improvise, as she instead used both of her hands to reach further down inside his drifting down boxers to fondle the base of his cock as well as his balls.

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