LOF New Release: Mom Driver: Episode 5

Mom Driver: Episode 5

Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories NEW RELEASE

Mom Driver: Episode 5 by Luca Satana

With some particularly withdrawn young men, all they need is a Mom Driver, and soon, they’ll be coming right out of that shell and inside their mom’s shell.

Mom Driver: Episode 5Could it be 19-year-old Leviathan Curtis has finally found something he’s interested in, truly interested in, to the point that the word obsession might apply? At this point, his parents would be happy to find anything their son was interested in. His mom Hannah Curtis, especially. Finding something for her son to be interested in has always been something of a futile enterprise. It’s just too bad for her, or too good for her, depending on how you look at it, what Levi is finally showing an interest in is Mom Driver.


Hannah tossed a devilish grin her son’s way, before she slid herself off his big cummy cock, and then immediately turned around to push her silky-smooth lips almost all the way down it, sucking her son’s cock extra-hard, as he moaned with mesmerizing pleasure and shivered somewhere deep down her throat, and even more so when she suddenly unmouthed him and lifted his big thick cock so she could lick and suck on each of his steely balls.

“Oh, whoa, Mom…” Levi squirmed at the maddening sensation, as he felt his mom’s tongue slip all over him.

“You like that, sweetie…?” Hannah smiled up at her son in a half-daze, before she suddenly pushed her silky-smooth lips right back down his diamond-hard cock.

“Mom… The Mom Driver box… Shouldn’t we go get it…? So Dad doesn’t see it… Something tells me Dad just wouldn’t understand Mom Driver at all…”


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