LOF New Release: No Dude, Miss Miller Is The Take Home Test: Episode 2

No Dude, Miss Miller Is The Take Home Test!: Episode 2

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No Dude, Miss Miller Is The Take Home Test: Episode 2 by Byzantine Thomas

After pressing Billy for details about the take home test, he finally turned to me and said, “No dude, Miss Miller is the take home test.”

No Dude, Miss Miller Is The Take Home Test!: Episode 2Me and my friend Billy are weird, in that we actually care about our grades, which is sort of like an anomaly at my school. So, when I saw him in study, and he got all quiet about the take home test Miss Miller gave him a few nights prior, I couldn’t help but press him for details. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did. And that’s when he suddenly turned to me with his face as white as notebook paper and said under his breath, “No dude, Miss Miller is the take home test.”


I moved hurriedly, and with minimal forethought, which resulted in an advance that bordered on that of a rhinoceros, nearly barreling my poor biology teacher Miss Miller over, and likely off the bed altogether, forcing her to clutch her falling textbook before it slid off her knees and down to the floor, as I simultaneously reached for her furthest little breast, while extending to mouth her nearest little breast, resulting in me bumping her near arm, causing me to slip underneath and mash my face into her ribcage, which was all pretty much in a day’s work when you’re God’s gift to women, or at least I was in my dreams.

However, dreams and reality are seldom identical twins, more like fraternal at best, or in my case no relation at all. And you’d be surprised to find out, or at least I was, that proficiency in dreams rarely translates to proficiency in reality.

So, in light of what just happened, and what was still happening, it was time to give up any hope of a graceful advance, in favor of full-blown crisis prevention mode, as I redirected my hand, instead of reaching for my biology teacher’s furthest breast, reaching around her side, and possibly at the very last second before I wholly knocked her off the bed, essentially hugging her small waist, while my face remained wedged against a couple of her ribs. Not exactly smooth. Not even if you consider the littlest bit of my nose grazing her nearest little breast.

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