LOF New Release: The Best Shot: Episode 5: Grandma Wants To Give You The Best Shot At Being Her Fountain Of Youth


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The Best Shot: Episode 5: Grandma Wants To Give You The Best Shot At Being Her Fountain Of Youth by Luca Satana

But what are you supposed to do when your grandma says, “Grandma wants to give you the best shot at being her fountain of youth”?

For a pretty healthy, mostly normal 18-year-old guy, I think everything was going just fine in my life. So, I wasn’t the most sexual person in the world. I had my future to think about. Who had time for things like girls? Sex? Etc.? Little did I know, those were the exact things that would have protected me from what was about to happen in my life. My totally fucked-up, out-there, life.


There may be something to this fountain of youth stuff, because low and behold, the next time I opened my eyes, my grandma was, well, doing gymnastics in her bedroom, flipping, summersaulting, etc. As bizarre as that was, it was even more bizarre when I realized she had lost her bra, as her big surprisingly perky breasts and beaming nipples were flipping, summersaulting, etc. right along with her. It was enough to make me hard all over again.

Grandma…?” I said, wanting to make sure she was still my grandma and not Nadia Comaneci.

“Connor, you’re up! And so is Grandma’s fountain of youth!” my grandma said, as she practically flew to the bed, scaring the living shit out of me, before she landed dangerously close to my rock-hard cock, and immediately wrapping her extremely silky-smooth lips around my dripping cockhead, giving me the chills, and then pushing down lightning-fast, giving me even more chills, as I thought I might lose it a fifth time right then and there…

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