LOF New Release: Mom Copy: Episode 3 by Luca Satana

Mom Copy: Episode 3

Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories NEW RELEASE

Mom Copy: Episode 3 by Luca Satana

When you just have to have your mom, but just can’t, sometimes it’s just as good to have a mom copy. And preferably often.

Mom Copy: Episode 3Cheryl didn’t know what it was about her son Charlie. He just wasn’t very fond of her. In fact, at times, he was downright rude. If it wasn’t for this whole Mom Copy incident, she might not have ever known how her son really felt about her. And in a way, isn’t that a good thing?


Once Charlie had pulled his mom copy back into his room, he pulled her over to his bed and sat down to undo her miniskirt. After a button undone here and a zipper undone there, Cheryl’s miniskirt dropped to the floor, leaving her absolutely gorgeous body completely naked, and giving her son an eyeful in the process, starting with her beautiful face, in particular her big brown eyes, down to her luscious breasts, in particular her beaming nipples, down to her slender belly and curvy hips, and finally down to her fur, in particular the beginnings of her pink pussy, compelling him to slide his fingers through her fur, clearing enough to further reveal her beautiful pink pussy.

Charlie, do you really wish I was your mom…?” Cheryl uttered, sighing as her son’s fingers explored her pussy.

“Yes,” Charlie said, slipping his fingers up inside his mom copy’s pussy hole, surprised by how utterly drenched she was inside, enough that a considerable amount of her pussy juices came trickling down his fingers.

What about your mom…?

“I know. But you would be even better. Like a better version.”

How so…?

“Well, for one, I can do stuff like this.” This time, Charlie slid his two fingers extra deep up inside his mom copy’s pussy hole, twisting and spinning his fingertips all through her insides.

Oh… Right…” Cheryl shuddered.

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Legion Of Filth Erotic StoriesLegion Of Filth Erotic Stories

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