LOF New Release: Mom Copy: Episode 1 by Luca Satana

Mom Copy: Episode 1

Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories NEW RELEASE

Mom Copy: Episode 1 by Luca Satana

When you just have to have your mom, but just can’t, sometimes it’s just as good to have a mom copy. And preferably often.

Mom Copy: Episode 1Cheryl didn’t know what it was about her son Charlie. He just wasn’t very fond of her. In fact, at times, he was downright rude. If it wasn’t for this whole Mom Copy incident, she might not have ever known how her son really felt about her. And in a way, isn’t that a good thing?


Cheryl was flabbergasted. And a little nauseas. She was staring inside a big box addressed to her son Charlie. And she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was her. A copy of her. Right down to her big blue eyes, long blond hair, and, well, great tits. She was in a red tank and jean miniskirt. Stuff Cheryl actually owned herself. How could this be? And how could this be so real? And what in the world was her son going to do with a copy of her?

Naturally, Cheryl’s wheels started turning. All the possible things she could do. To intercede. On her son’s behalf. To, in a way, safe him from himself. And whatever mischief he was up to.

And so, Cheryl picked up her copy. She had to reach in real good to secure the thing. It weighed a ton. Well, not really. It weighed as much as Cheryl did. Uncanny? How could they even do that? Still, it was heavy to her.

So, off Cheryl went, dragging the thing, first on her way upstairs. Nope. There was no way she was going to get it up the stairs. Not even if she ate one of those Pac-Man power pellets. Not like those gave Pac-Man any power to lift things. It just turned all his enemies into food. That wouldn’t help. Unless she wanted to turn the stairs into food. I digress. Long-story short, she couldn’t get the thing up the stairs.

So, then she tried the closet. Too easy to find. If the wrong person were to find her copy. Like her husband Carl. Or her sister Bernice. No. She would have to hide her copy better than that.

So, finally, Cheryl ended up in the garage, dragging her copy down the stairs, and up against the deep freeze. In TV shows, when novice accidental killers killed someone, they almost always put them in the deep freeze. So, why not put her copy in there? So, Cheryl stood the copy up. Then, opened the deep freeze. And voila, dropped her in.

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Legion Of Filth Erotic StoriesLegion Of Filth Erotic Stories

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