LOF New Release: Getting To Know Mom: Episode 2: Nobody Needs To Know Mommy Is Coming

Getting To Know Mom: Episode 2: Nobody Needs To Know Mommy Is Coming

Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories NEW RELEASE

The Getting To Know Mom Series: Episode 2: Nobody Needs To Know Mommy Is Coming by Luca Satana

Getting to know my mom has been a scream. Quite literally. But, and I think my mom would agree, nobody, and I mean nobody needs to know.

Getting To Know Mom: Episode 2: Nobody Needs To Know Mommy Is ComingFinally, there’s a series devoted to men getting to know their moms. You know, biblically speaking. And not a moment too soon.

Then, a slightly different Nobody Needs To Know Mommy Is Coming:

Okay, totally my bad. I’ll admit it. I never should have put myself in that situation. In any of these situations. Especially when I knew how much of a fan my mom was of sex. Or, in particular, a fan of a certain part of the male anatomy. Still, how big a fan I never could have known. And if I’m not careful, everyone else will know. Which was something my mom most definitely was not a big fan of. Not even a little bit.


So, I finally knocked on the bathroom door.

Nothing. No response.

“Seriously?” I sighed. Then, wouldn’t you know, I did have to piss. I rolled my eyes. So, finally, I just opened the door and went in.

“Will, is that you?” My mom’s voice called out from the shower. She sounded as if she was struggling with something of great import in there, whatever she was doing.

“Yes, Mom.” I rolled my eyes again, as I unfurled my big smelly cock to begin emptying it in the toilet. “When are you guys just going to break down and call someone to come out and fix your shower?”

“Will, last time I checked, both of these showers are mine.”

“Yeah, but there’s other people here.”

“Oh, stop the presses, are you going to take a shower?”

“I am. Or I was.”

“Oh, by all means, take one.”

“I will. But it’s kind of hard when you’re taking one, right?”

“Oh, right. Silly me. Mommy will be done momentarily.”

“Mom, what does that even mean? Momentarily?

“What’s the rush?”

“I have to go. I’m going to a party.”

“Oh. Big plans. It’s a party. You can be late to a party.”

“I know. But I’m picking up Raymond, then his girlfriend in Henniker.”



“Why can’t Raymond pick up his girlfriend in Henniker?”


“Right. Leadfoot can’t drive.”

“No. He can drive. He can definitely drive. Just not the speed limit. Ever.

“Well, he better give you some gas money.”

“I don’t know. Mom, please. I gotta jump in there.”

“Then, jump in.”

“Um, no.”

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