LOF New Release: Mom’s Nutrients: Episode 2 (With My Little Big Sister Cali) by Luca Satana

Mom's Nutrients: Episode 2

Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories NEW RELEASE

Mom’s Nutrients: Episode 2 (With My Little Big Sister Cali) by Luca Satana

I get it. Mom’s Nutrient’s. She’s a little too old to be having a baby. So she needs extra nutrients. And now my little big sister Cali is involved?

Mom's Nutrients: Episode 2My mom’s funny. Super funny. I think so. My dad thinks so. My big little sister thinks so. And my little big sister thinks so. But, when she got pregnant, at the ill-advised age of 42, I guess to compensate for that ill-advised age, she came up with this whole out-there nutrients thing. Well, I didn’t think that was funny at all. And, apparently, neither did she. In fact, when it came to my mom’s nutrients, she was quite serious. And so was my dad. So was my big little sister. And so was my little big sister. Okay. Fine! But why the fuck did she have to get her nutrients from me?


Hi, Pug!” my mom said excitedly, with her big hazel eyes beaming, not to mention her perky little tits, or more specifically her puffy not-so-little nipples beaming, as she sat there so incredibly beautiful, and so incredibly naked, in what used to be my dad’s office, but, now, after my mom, quite a few days in succession, by way of several magical blowjobs, was given her nutrients, rather than my dad’s office it was more like my mom’s nursery, since it was most definitely the place my mom preferred to nurse on my duplicitous, grotesquely opportunistic big bad cock.

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“Hi, Mom…” I said, skulking in, and probably looking more than a little annoyed, at the situation, sure, but more so at my cock, which was growing way too accustom to this whole nutrients thing, which I considered something of a betrayal, or at the very least an insult, since I, at least from the neck up, was still totally not on board with any of this, even if the mere amount of time and distance it took to walk from my car to my mom’s nursery was more than enough time for my cock to turn into an absolutely raging lunatic in my jeans.

Legion Of Filth Erotic StoriesLegion Of Filth Erotic Stories

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