LOF New Release: Mommy Can’t Sleep Without Her Bed Buddy: Episode 1 by Luca Satana

Mommy Can't Sleep Without Her Bed Buddy: Episode 1

Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories NEW RELEASE

Mommy Can’t Sleep Without Her Bed Buddy: Episode 1 by Luca Satana

Troy’s sexy little mom needed sleep, and she believed it was his enormous rock-hard bed buddy that was finally gonna give it to her.

Mommy Can't Sleep Without Her Bed Buddy: Episode 1I’m not getting into all of this to brag or anything. It’s not like it’s something anyone should be bragging about, anyway. I’m only telling you this in case you, too, have been in a similar situation. You know, where your mom can’t seem to sleep without her bed buddy, which in this case, was me. And maybe, together, we can start to heal. Or at least compare notes.


It all started one night, probably around 2am or so, when I woke with something of an enormous, and I mean absolutely enormous rock-hard cock in my bed. Thankfully, it was my own rock-hard cock. Otherwise, well, yeah, that would have been so not cool.

Anyway, it just so happened, when I woke with this enormous rock-hard cock, I noticed my mom standing in my bedroom doorway. My noticing her was no small feat since my mom was, well, quite small herself. And, quite beautiful. And, apparently, quite sleep-deprived.

Mom?” I said, a little groggy and a little unsure. I mean, there was still a chance it wasn’t my mom at all, but instead some kind of mythical creature, like maybe a Jawa, but Jawa have eyes that glow yellow and not blue, and Jawa rarely wear anything other than their signature thick wooly brown cloaks, certainly not little pink tank-tops and skimpy purple panties, which was what my mom was wearing at the time.

Troy?” my mom said, more surprised than anything. I guess, because, though I hadn’t notice until that very second, her little hand was down inside her skimpy purple panties, and she was doing a little more than just merely standing there and looking at my big enormous rock-hard cock, but more like admiring it – you know, like rhythmically, like that Elvis Costello song from way back when.

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