LOF New Release: One Family One Bed: Episode 5 (2012) by Luca Satana

One Family One Bed: Episode 5 (2012)

Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories NEW RELEASE

One Family One Bed: Episode 5 (2012) by Luca Satana

For Wish Painter, it’s hard to argue with tradition, especially when tradition means one family one bed, which can present some lovely opportunities.

One Family One Bed: Episode 5 (2012)For years now, it’s just been the way we’ve done things in my family. One family. One bed. I’m sure, on the outside looking in; it must look strange, or even demented. But after living this way, ever since I turned 18 in 1992, until recently, when I turned 38 in 2012, or even in the future, when I turned 58 in 2032, I can’t see living any other way.


In the early morning hours after my youngest daughter Audrey’s bed-burning ceremony, I woke to the almost routine sensation of my wife Amy and my sister Light sucking my cock like crazy. However, what wasn’t routine, was seeing my youngest daughter Audrey lying right there next to me, which gave me a big smile, especially when I saw her sister Addison and cousin Lark licking her beautiful little pink pussy like crazy.

Good morning…” I uttered to Audrey, as I shivered a bit in my sister’s fast and fluid mouth racing up and down my rock-hard 10-inch cock.

Morning…” Audrey uttered lightly back to me, before she suddenly came, quivering and quaking, while her limbs went loose all around her.

“Nice way to wake up. Isn’t it?” I said, smiling.

The nicest…” Audrey uttered even more lightly, burying the back of her head in her pillow, as her body and brains dove deep into ecstasy.

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