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Monster 4-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4) And Mom/Son Taboo Tales (Volume 3) added to the LOF Members Only Discount Page. If you’re not already a LOF member, you can join here.

My Sweet Little Daughter Turns Into An Absolute Monster When She Can't Come: 4-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4)My Sweet Little Daughter Turns Into An Absolute Monster When She Can’t Come: 4-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4) *Get 25% off coupon code*

Fair warning, starting back in 2015, something had become abundantly clear to everyone involved, and that was my sweet little 18-year-old daughter Ellie turns into an absolute monster when she can’t come, making me, her 44-year-old dad Harry, her 42-year-old mom Lillie, and her 20-year-old sweet not-so-little big sister Allie completely on edge and completely scared-shitless in our own home.

I’m a man. I’m the man. That’s what my wife kept telling me. So, I had to do something. What the fuck is she talking about? Fuck me. So, something was exactly what I did and what I will continue to do as long as I’m a man. Or the man. You know what I mean.

7 Mom/Son Taboo Tales (Volume 3)7 Mom/Son Taboo Tales (Volume 3) *Get 25% off coupon code*

Introducing Taboo Tales by Legion Of Filth, erotic stories told with a bit of fun. Each collection in this series will focus on one kink, this one, in particular, being the irresistible dynamic of mom/son.

7 Mom/Son Taboo Tales (Volume 3), including:
A Mother/Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Intro & Episode 3
Tura’s Naughty Bits: Intro & Just Once I’d Like To Wake Up Without My Mother Blowing Me
Oggy Comes Alive!: Intro & Oggy Comes Alive! (First Time Ever!)
Mom Can I Please Hump You?: Intro & Episode 1
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Family; Mother’s Days: Intro, Subseries Intro & Episode 2; Mother’s Day 2
Bunny: Intro & Episode 1
Mommy Wants Every Shot: Intro & Episode 1 (Shot 1-18)

Legion Of Filth Erotic StoriesLegion Of Filth Erotic Stories

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