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Taking Care Of Grandma: 4-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4)

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Taking Care Of Grandma: 4-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4)Taking Care Of Grandma: 4-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4) *Get 25% off coupon code*

I guess I didn’t know what they meant by taking care of Grandma. It’s not that I had anything against Grandma. Quite the contrary. In fact, out of everyone else in the family, my Grandma was the one I always had the strongest connection to. Even if, over the last few years, that connection had somewhat faded. In spite of what everyone might think, Grandma always seemed like a pretty nice person. Pretty fun, too. So, basically, I guess what I’m trying to say is taking care of Grandma wasn’t exactly something I was opposed to.

More than anything, I guess you could say my opposition to taking care of Grandma was, well, the timing of things. This was going to be my last summer at home, and so, naturally, I didn’t exactly want to spend it with Grandma 24/7. I mean, I was 18, now. I had just graduated from high school. After that long boring 12-year haul, I don’t know, I guess I just wanted to go a little crazy, especially if this was gonna be my last hurrah. And that doesn’t exactly describe a stay at my Grandma’s house. I was thinking more along the lines of hanging out with my crazy fucked-up friends. I mean, come August, I was gonna be out of there, off to college, and who knows when I was ever gonna see any of those crazy fucked-up people again?

Ah, whatever. What’s the use. It’s not like anybody else in the family was willing to take care of Grandma. Unlike most of my family members, I’m not exactly one of those selfish ingrate-types. Unlike some people in my family, I actually cared deeply for Grandma. And more than that, I actually appreciated Grandma and the long and interesting life she’d led. Who knows, maybe that’s part of the reason why I always got along with her so well.

So, in the end, I decided to take the bull by the horns. In the end, ultimately, I decided to look at the situation from a whole different perspective, trying my best not to think of taking care of Grandma as a chore, but more like, well, a privilege.

After all, taking care of Grandma wasn’t gonna be so bad. Grandma was pretty cute. And she had a great set of tits. And, from the looks of it, a nice, firm ass, too. So, yeah, maybe taking care of Grandma wasn’t gonna be so bad.

Mommy Wants Every Shot: 4-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4)Mommy Wants Every Shot: 4-Pack 1 (Episode 1-4))
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I don’t exactly remember what happened, or how I agreed to it, but, at the time, it didn’t seem all that unreasonable, and my mom didn’t seem all that unreasonable, or selfish. In fact, at the time, I was happy to do it, very happy. Especially considering everything my mom did for me, with her troubled pregnancy, and all my various ailments along the way. Why shouldn’t I promise every shot to her? After all, she is my mom. And I literally owe her everything. If you ask me, I’m getting off easy. Giving her every shot is a small price to pay, in my opinion. For all her love. And all her commitment. Of course, it doesn’t hurt my mom is an extraordinary cocksucker.

Holy Fuck I Think I'm Dating My Cute-As-A-Button Irresistible Little Mom: 4-Pack 1 (Date 1 (Part 1-4))Holy Fuck I Think I’m Dating My Cute-As-A-Button Irresistible Little Mom: 4-Pack 1 (Date 1 (Part 1-4))
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After my mom and dad’s divorce, my mom, my cute-as-a-button irresistible little mom, insisted she needed help learning how to date again. Well, obviously, I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant, but before I could ask my mom to elaborate, my wife, as was her habit, volunteered me, of all people, to help my mom. I guffawed, like I’d never guffawed before, thinking the whole thing was some bad joke. Then, I realized, holy fuck, they were not joking. Not at all. I gulped. My first instinct was to tell them both to kindly fuck off. But, then my Mother Theresa-side shined through, and I told myself, why not. Why couldn’t I help my mom learn how to date again? Sure, I was never an avid dater, even when I was single, but, eh, what the fuck. I could do this. However, it wasn’t long before I was telling myself, holy fuck, I think I’m dating my cute-as-a-button irresistible little mom.

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