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A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 1

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Here is a comprehensive list of Legion Of Filth’s All-Time Best Sellers, taking into account how long the title has been available and how well the title has sold.

#10 I Think My Mom Is In Love With My Cock by Luca Satana

I Think My Mom Is In Love With My CockI Think My Mom Is In Love With My Cock Incest Erotica by Luca Satana Legion Of Filth:

Something is definitely up with my mom. It all started when my mom came into my room to wake me up for school and found me with morning wood. Yeah. Embarrassing. But what happened after was even more embarrassing. And now, I think my Mom is in love with my cock.

#9 Due To Some Mix-Up My Mom Is My Assigned Sex-Ed Partner by Luca Satana

Due To Some Mix-Up My Mom Is My Assigned Sex-Ed Partner: Episode 1Due To Some Mix-Up My Mom Is My Assigned Sex-Ed Partner

When our sex-ed teacher Miss Mayberry, who was one of those younger idealistic-to-a-fault teachers, said there was extra money in the budget this year so she was taking us on a field trip and bringing chaperones who would essentially be divvyed up and assigned to us as sex-ed partners for the night, I thought this was going to be a good thing. And, on an unrelated note, which turned out to be very related, when my mom, who makes very little money working as a teacher’s aide at my high school, said she was working some extra hours this week and thus making a little extra money, I also thought that was a good thing, because ever since I turned 18, a month or two prior, my mom has been promising to get me a car. The thought never occurred to me that my mom’s extra hours were going to come from being one of Miss Mayberry’s chaperones, or, more specifically, one of Miss Mayberry assigned sex-ed partners. Not until, well, the very second my mom showed up at my hotel door.

#8 In Addition To Everything Else Going On In My Life Now I Have To Get My Mom Pregnant Too! by Luca Satana

In Addition To Everything Else Going On In My Life Now I Have To Get My Mom Pregnant Too: Episode 1In Addition To Everything Else Going On In My Life Now I Have To Get My Mom Pregnant Too!:

In addition to everything else going on in my life, with this being my senior year and having to get ready for college, I also have an alarming amount of homework, baseball, chess club, my job at the hardware store, and all my house chores, and now I have to get my mom pregnant, too! If you ask me, the whole thing is fucking bullshit!

#8 Eldon And The Sorority House Zombie Apocalypse by Byzantine Thomas 

Eldon And The Sorority House Zombie ApocalypseEldon And The Sorority House Zombie Apocalypse: Day 1 (Part 1) Horror Erotica by Byzantine Thomas Legion Of Filth:

It’s a zombie apocalypse and there’s nowhere to run! Nowhere to hide! Unless, of course, you’re Eldon Colquitt, a college sophomore, who hasn’t got lucky in over seven years. When the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan, Eldon had no interest in running. And saw no reason to hide. That’s because when the zombie apocalypse went down, Eldon was holed up in a sorority house. And suddenly Eldon got lucky. Very lucky!

#7 The Mother-Fuckers Club by Luca Satana

The Mother-Fuckers ClubThe Mother-Fuckers Club: Episode 1 (Tommy's Mom) Incest Erotica by Luca Satana Legion Of Filth:

Tommy Pendleton was a very savvy, very put-together 18-year-old young man. Not your typical 18-year-old by any stretch of the imagination. However, this didn’t mean he wasn’t susceptible to the usual slings and arrows of teenage life, as far as the angst and alienation of high school. And it certainly didn’t help when his mother married some old rich fuck from New England and moved Tommy, midway through his senior year, away from all his friends, what little he had, and put him in a completely new environment. Tommy was not happy. And he was pissed. And he didn’t want to do anything the way he did before. He didn’t really have time, anyway. He just got to this school and didn’t know a soul. He wanted to take a completely different approach to basically everything, especially how he got pussy. And when his mother told him for the umpteenth time how sorry she was for uprooting him away from all his friends and everything he ever knew in life and how she would do anything to help ease his transition into his new school and his new life, Tommy finally decided to take his mother up on her offer. And thus, laid the groundwork for what would eventually become The Mother-Fuckers Club.

#6 The Amazing Mosley Untreu Sex Guide by Byzantine Thomas

What Do You Do When Your Stepdaughter Is Constantly Flashing You With Her Giant Tits?The Amazing Mosely Untreu Sex Guide

Man, you are so lucky to find this little ebook! Why? Well, probably because it’s only the most amazing ebook series ever produced. Welcome to The Amazing Mosely Untreu Sex Guide: For Fledgling Newbies & Accomplished Sex Fiends Alike by Dr. Mosely Untreu along with his small group of assistants: Timmy Johnson, Wally Mammoth, and Connie Cryer. This ebook is chockfull of Dr. Mosely Untreu’s amazing personal accounts with the opposite sex, bringing to light things that you never would have thought about in a million years. For instance, what do you do when your stepdaughter is constantly flashing you with her giant tits? Well, lucky for you Dr. Mosely Untreu knows exactly what to do and you will too after you read this amazing ebook!

Remember, this ebook is part of a series, so be sure to collect them all. Or get them all at once when you pick up the aptly titled:

The Mosely Untreu Sex Guide Pseudo Incest Erotica by Byzantine Thomas Legion Of FilthThe Complete Ever-Growing And Amazing Mosely Untreu Sex Guide Anthology Collection.

Upon purchase, you will get every title in the series all in one mega-ebook, plus additional stories as they’re added to the sex guide. That’s an infinite amount of sex stories for one finite price! Along with the anthology, you will also receive a handy dandy index to help keep track of all the stories, bio, characters, character appearances, sub-series, etc. and anything else related to Mosely Untreu.

#5 One Family One Bed by Luca Satana

One Family One Bed: Episode 1One Family One Bed

For years now, it’s just been the way we’ve done things in my family. One family. One bed. I’m sure, on the outside looking in; it must look strange, or even demented. But after living this way, ever since I turned 18 in 1992, until recently, when I turned 38 in 2012, or even in the future, when I turned 58 in 2032, I can’t see living any other way.

#4 My Super Sex Prep Room Teacher Is Also My Super Sex Sex Slave by Byzantine Thomas

My Sexy Prep Room Teacher Is Also My Sexy Sex-SlaveMy Super Sexy Prep Room Teacher Is Also My Super Sexy Sex-Slave: Episode 1 (Part 1) Teacher-Student Erotica by Byzantine Thomas Legion Of Filth:

Hi, my name’s Billy Hamelin. You may or may not have heard of me. If you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve heard of my Dad, Wallace Hamelin. Yeah. That Wallace Hamelin, the inventor of the Trapper Keeper. Needless to say, after all the success of the Trapper Keeper, we were pretty well-off for a while there, before my Dad got sick and passed away in the mid 90’s. That’s what happens when you decide to have a son when you’re 63. It’s not like I’m mad at my Dad for being so old when he had me. It’s not like you can blame him. He is my Dad, after all. And even though I didn’t get a lot of time with him, the time I did get was pretty awesome, and I really do appreciate it.

By far, one of the coolest, and probably out-there things my Dad ever did for me was on the Christmas following my 18th birthday, when he bought me a sex-slave. Yeah, I told you it was pretty out-there. But, again, I’m not complaining. At the time, I thought I was pretty fucking lucky – excuse my French. And I still do. Especially when I found out who my sex-slave was, well, none other than my absolutely gorgeous and super sexy prep room teacher, Miss Rose.

2. The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn by Luca Satana

The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn Episode 1The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn:

Tall Thin Peter Flynn, who was quite popular among his family members, first for being the only boy in the rather large family, and second for possessing, ever since a child, an abnormally long and skinny cock, has finally, to everyone’s sheer delight, turned 18! And right there to celebrate the occasion are his mean and controlling mother and his wild and wide-eyed sisters. In most families, this would be a joyous, yet harmless affair. For the Flynns, well, this was going to be anything but harmless. This was going to be downright hardcore. WARNING: THIS EBOOK CONTAINS INCEST! LOT’S OF MOTHER-FUCKING INCEST! LITERALLY!

1. A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong by Luca Satana

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Episode 1A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong

Eric Brennan was a handsome 18 year old young man who really wanted to help his mother. He knew his father was no good for his mother. He was mean. Abusive. Controlling. In fact, the only good thing he ever did for her was fuck her. A lot. Eric knew this from all the years growing up in the house and hearing them going at it. Especially his mother, who was a particularly loud lover.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong Season 1 by Luca SatanaAnd so, Eric decided he would confront his mother on Spring Break. First thing he did was pack his suitcase and his mother’s suitcase. Then he took a deep breath and approached his mother.

Sabrina Brennan was a very pretty and very sweet 41 year old woman. But she needed help. The sad thing was she didn’t even realize it. Not until that fateful day when her son pointed it out to her. Suddenly her eyes were opened. And so, she agreed.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Season 2 (Episode 8-14)With it already being late in the day, they had to move quickly. Sabrina was surprised to see that her son had already packed her suitcase. She checked it. No lingerie. One of her favorite things to wear. This simply would not do. So, she threw in all her lingerie and skimpy underwear and tried to get her suitcase closed again. No such luck. However, after considerable effort, which included sitting on it, then standing on it, then sitting on it again, thankfully, she was able to do so.
Finally, they were off!

They drove for hours. They weren’t sure what they were gonna do. Or where they were gonna go. So, they drove up to the White Mountains. There, they found a not so nice, but barely occupied, strip hotel and decided to stay. For how long, neither one knew. All they knew was they were alone. Together. Mother and son.

There, they could plot out their next move. And start a life, anew. With Eric’s father and Sabrina’s husband finally gone, completely out of the picture.

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Season 1 (Episode 1-7) *Get 25% off coupon code*

A Mother-Son Getaway Gone Wrong: Season 2 (Episode 8-14) *Get 25% off coupon code*

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