LOF New Release: Holden Hold On: Episode 1 (Holden’s Grandma Eloise)

Holden Hold On: Episode 1

Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories NEW RELEASE

Holden Hold On: Episode 1 (Holden’s Grandma Eloise) by Luca Satana

The ability to hold on can be the toughest thing you’ll ever do. Especially when your grandma, your mom, and your sister are gifted cocksuckers.

After his father’s funeral, Holden’s life changed. Forever. And not in the way you might think. Sure, he was mourning. Certainly. Not unlike his grandma, his mom, and his sister were mourning. But, more than anything, Holden was trying to fill the gaping hole his father left behind. In particularly, with his grandma, his mom, and his sister. 

Ya see, unbeknownst to Holden, 18, his father Thomas, who was 38 when he died, his grandma Eloise, 56, his mom Miriam, 38, and his sister Cecilia, 20, were all heavily involved in a meticulously organized and long-running highly competitive high-stakes bi-monthly cocksucking competition, where one triumvirate of exceptional cocksuckers, in their family’s case, Eloise, Miriam, and Cecilia, were pitted against an opposing triumvirate of exceptional cocksuckers, as the warring triumvirates utilized all their cocksucking abilities to try and bring one designated member of the opposing triumvirate’s family to completion. So, it was imperative that this one designated member, in their case, Thomas, have a talent for not coming, no matter what, because if they came before the opposing triumvirate’s designated member, there was hell to pay, in the form of lost winnings, lost wagers, and, of course, the obligatory open season on the losing triumvirate and all the losing triumvirate’s orifices. 

Of course, after Holden’s father’s death, the thought did occur to Eloise, Miriam, and Cecilia to call it quits. To, essentially, quit while they were ahead. Way ahead. After all, with Thomas’s incredible talent for not coming no matter what and Eloise’s incredible talent for making men come no matter what, they were perennial favorites, dominating the seedy little secret cocksucking circuit. But, in the end, they all agreed they would simply miss it too much, the thrill of competition, the gamble, the danger, and, ultimately, the chance at continued winnings. 

And all they had to do to maintain their winning ways, and their reputation, their utter dominance in the sport, was, well, teach Holden to hold on.

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