LOF New Release: Mad Maggie: Episode 1


Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories NEW RELEASE

Mad Maggie: Episode 1 by Byzantine Thomas

I can humor Maggie Murdock with all her wild fantasies, but when they involve me or what she might like to do to my cock, I have to draw the line. Don’t I?

Mad Maggie: Episode 1

It’s not that I take my job lightly. I know what I do has merit. Ya see, I work with the mentally ill. It’s not that I ever had a calling to do so. It’s just, well, the easiest fucking job in the world to get. But even I, a bona fide self-professed slacker, know there’s something absolutely totally not right about my work with Maggie Murdock. But I need the money. And like I said, working with the mentally ill is like the easiest fucking job to get, which, by default, makes any other job out there too hard to get, at least for an accomplished natural born slacker like myself.

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